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  1. i think not every "mother" point gives u that mission. But for they always are availabe after icomplete the vault and talk to her right outside the entrance.
  2. Which exact Mission are u talking about on Deimos? Id assume you mean the Isolation Vaults. For those u have to talk to mother either in the necralisk or out on the cambion drift. She´ll give u Isolation Vault mission 1 which u complete to be able to complete the other Iso Vault 2 or Iso Vault 3. To be able to unlock the "finale" or bonus reward in those mission u have to find the Vaultdoor and the spawn loid by shooting the crystal with ur amp. After that Loid will go around the Vault area activating generator, while hes doing that you have to protect him, since if he dies u wont be able
  3. I got a similar problem i say that i can claim it in my twitch inventory but everytime it try it twitch says i cant get it....
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