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  1. I think after so many years of WF it's easly to quantify what weapons are powerful. I would check the following: 1. ESO 2. Sorties 2-3 3. Arbitrations 4. T4 Fissuers 5. Tier 3- Index 6. Tier 5 Bounties. And suddenly I can bet we would see list that would include a very obvious choices: Ignis Wraith, Atterax, Lesion, Galantine prime, Gram prime, Zaws, Plague Kipath, Amprex, Akstilleto Prime, Zakti, Pox, Zarr, Khom, Arca Plasmor, Corinth, Tigris Prime, Valk-Hek, Tiberon Prime, Lenz, Lex Prime, Staticator etc. I think anyone with at least basic end-game content knowledge knows 100% what weapons are meta and strongest ones. They are being used 9/10 time in "end-game" content because they are strongest. In different scenarios but overall end-game content is dominatied by them. You know most of them by names because you see them all the time there. While most of us don't remember names of weapons below MR 8 because you never see them again later (with some exceptions like Hek or Atomos). Then from MR 9 you have Ignis Wraith and everything changes and moving forward - you know what is best, because it simply is. And so there is no point further making them even more hard-meta by giving them high dispo. They should get lowest or low at best because they already make most content trivial.
  2. Rubico actually yes, I see quite a lot. You are correct with Lanka though. Still nerfing akbolto riven "based on popularity" shows a flow in such concept. At some point in mid-game akbolto might be very popular. But at that point they are no being used for "future Riven usage". As such their popularity can be quite incorrect. While some meta weapons are locked behind high MR and their popularity might be less than akbolto but they are one of those "Riven fishing" weapons that are the aim of meta-players. Imo they should adjust dispo based on weapon power instead of popularity. Weapons like Amprex, Ignis Wraith, Zarr, Akstilleto, Rubico, Lanka, Arca Plasmor etc. should have lowest dispo as they are already meta weapons and don't need high dispo at all. my opinion only.
  3. When we will get another disposition balance? This one did not touch obvious most-used weapons like Lanka or Rubico, which should get their disposition nerfed. I thought rivens were supposed to be a way to make low-tier weapons get to high-tier weapons level by having higher dispo than high-tier weapons. So how is lanka or Rubico not touched? Are you so afraid of trade chat community outrage that you yourself have created with rivens? If you balance dispo- DO IT ONCE, DO IT HARD. A 0.2 dispo change to akbolto while not touching Lanka is a joke.
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