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  1. I keep pasting the standard [ img ] XXX [ /img ] (without spaces) code but it turns after refresh to some Utjtlaht.jpg thing. Do I do something wrong with pasting image? The code is from Imgur (remove spaces): [ img ]https://i.imgur.com/INBzfbf.jpg[ /img ]
  2. So I love my Rhino Prime and I love both being super tanky and having a good and long damage buff. I love to use Ironclad Charge for that big amount of Iron Skin (from 20k to 70k depends on cirmunstances) and being able to cast Iron Skin immidietly on EOS after leaving conduit, especially if I see infested map. HERE IS BUILD: https://imgur.com/a/3pyui09 So the goal was to balance everything and being able to: 1. Have huge amount of easly obtainable Iron Skin- so I need 100% range on Charge so I can easly get it because on 50% or lower range it's a chore to hit
  3. I don't really mean to "eliminate" nuke playstyle, but to reduce its effectivnes and range. For example base range of nuke skills should be reduced heavly so when you get like 265-300% Reach you are not covering WHOLE MAP. Another solution would be to eliminate the dumb mechanic which is that abilities go through walls and floors. That would also do it. Another solution is to give harsher punishment in EOS for spamming one ability too often. Right now it's possible to have ability blocked but all you have to do is just shoot from time to time between spamming 4 and you are good. EOS shou
  4. I already posted it in "Bugs" section but I just want to discuss/highlight this matter. Nova's original Warframe Profile video states that antimatter drop scales with Power Strength mods. The be precise- multiplier. The ability screen is reflecting correctly, but it's not functioning correctly in-game. The multiplier for Antimatter Drop indicates change in the arsenal's UI (so UI calculates that), it does not appear to have any effect in gameplay, staying at fixed 4x multiplier in all tests. Basically if you read description of skill, check arsenal UI and watch profile video of Nova
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