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    Kuva survival scaling

    The longer you stay in survival, the higher lvl enemies you'll be facing. Isn't it getting harder then?
  2. (PS4)trini_krazy

    Kuva survival scaling

    Ok so given that there is a ton of people that trade, buy, and sell rivens. People, from my experience, find it a hassle when you have to farm kuva especially from the kuva survival. Now I don't mind the amount the floods and the siphons give but there comes the kuva survival where, imo, we don't get enough kuva for the length of time people sometimes spend in the mission. I mean, we should be getting more kuva for the longer we stay. Like where scaling is concerned the amount of kuva that is given increases let's say by 100 for each successful harvester each rotation(20mins) then after a certain amount of rotations the amount it is being increased by also increases. So let's say the squad is on rotation 4(80mins) for each harvester there's a possible 600 kuva for each harvester. Now given the fact that the longer you stay the longer it takes for life support to spawn, to me its a fair trade off, mission gets harder rewards get better. So yeah, that's basically what I think should happen to where kuva farming scaling ia concerned.
  3. (PS4)trini_krazy

    Coming Soon: Devstream #117!

    When is magnus prime coming? If there'll ever be a magnus prime.