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  1. Ya all don't think that is what i'm doing the entire time... hmm? Dodging every second just to Avoid this but there is still the Possibility that you get magnetised and shot instantly even if you get hit by an attack that lets you float and you have to Watch the Acolyte one hit you i know how to stay away from Acolytes and know how to Dodge you don't need to tell me this... its the fact that all of em One shot you
  2. Electric Procs are the most Busted Procs... a low level Corpus Melees you one time and you have 6 seconds a Elec Proc that gives you 200+ damage per tick... Poison and Slash arent even that lethal in Steel Path but in LOW Level content one electric proc is enough to kill your Frame in seconds... thats just bad
  3. I like to Fight the Acolytes... its fun and Feels Rewarding if 2 Steel Essence are Reward enough... BUT... what keeps p*ssing me off is that Acolytes are Cheap D*cks... everyone can Cheese you away with a oneshot... You get a Neckbreaker, float in the Air and get a Heavy attack onehot, Get magnetised and OPticored... WHY!!! Stealpath is meant to be challenging but there is no challenge in being unable to avaoid all the ONE shots even Kuva Liches and Sisters of Pavos give you a Fair Chance if they try to Twist your Spine... Balance your Damn Steel path so Acolytes don't Cheese you with a unavoidable One Hit.. No more one shot Finishers, No more One Shot Opticore hits, No more Floating in air for several Seconds and One shot Melee FFS
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