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  1. The Update that Killed the Game for me.. Thousands of Hours played... Huge Amounts of Money Spend on this game... Just to see that DE gives a F**k about the Community... Thanks for Nerfing the last good things... i loved my Paracecis... if i stacked the Combo counter high enough i would do red crits but nah Nerfing Bloodrush so heavily that i barely get Yellow Crits... yea Funny Nerfs, Nerfs, Nerfs the new Melee 2.0 is nice i like it but unenjoyable cuz of all the Nerfs... i'm happy all those Spin to Win Lads have to change now... but really... Nerfing everything and give us something no one asked for... Liches S**k... The Grind isnt worth the Mr points... Yea... don't let the Community have something good better off Nerfing the Last Good things... yea... what does the Playerbase... gets the next best gun... DE Nerfs it... Playbase gets the next possible thing thats Good enough... DE LUL NERF You get that... this Games is Build around P.V.E (<Not PvP < Pvp needs Balancing to let the Players feel they are threatend Fair = Nice) / (PvE needs Enemy Scaling balance, a Good Gun Balance and a Fair Fighting system...) All DE Does now a Days is Nerf this and Nerf that... the Last updates were filled like a cake with nerfs... the Playerbase Declines cuz they are Unhappy with the Changes... DE laughs cuz Old Blood will keep us happy.. nah sorry this will last for a Week maybe two before People start to get Bored again... it's so sad my Catchmoon... if it is so Popular... think about why it is so popular and bring guns that counter this popularity.. Nerfing it will not help the balance it makes it worse and players like me will complain about it... you may not see it but Warframe comes closer, day by day to its end location.. and if it reached the Location... you better off having another Game at Hand... Warframe is now at its Worst State... so much Bad Changes, De does't Care anymore, Playes Leave, Partner leave... Well i think i Leave Warframe too... putting my Kavat into Stasis and come back when the game gets close enough to a Playable state... i hope DE Knows what they do.. but now they don't know what they do... Press F for Warframe... once my most loved Game... now just a Hollow Shell of a great game... slowly Decaying
  2. Without Using a Speed Nova and a Good Team... don't even try to get the Ephemera First Point: Enemys Spawn everywere and even if you stand in them it won't or sometimes just a few second reg the light Sec Point: Poison... at some point... if a Infested D**k means to fly into you and leaves a trail out of Nuklear Detonation you die Instandly... this Sucks Third point: let the speed in wich the light goes out slower... like normal speed in survival... cuz if you just kill for 5 seconds nothing cuz nothing is in reach... the light dies Quick and sometimes you can't recover it. fourth Point and the last one: The Rewards in the Map per Cache is laughable... 125 Kuva... Wow sooo much this encurages everyone to search and open those useless Container... 1000 kuva per Cache would be nice... cuz more people would actually put time in this Eventy and have atleast another Goal than just hit the Magical 15 minute mark... but no.. nerfing Riven Dispo is easier than lowering the Roll cost and give us more oportunitys to get Kuva.. Well done DE Recycling the Boss fight for survival... *Goes Slowly clapping Away*
  3. Finaly a Fix for the Hyena Grinders... its so anoying having 1-3 People in a Group running from room to Room just for the Cells... i just wanted to Destroy the Razoback.. nah some people just stayed in the mission to farm for 30 Minutes Straight cells... Geez some people just want some Wraith Parts and don't want to wait for all of them finishing the Farm Thx DE
  4. Every Time the Same Guns get Nerfed... Why if De thinks those Guns are to Powerful... Why not just Remove the Rivens entire cuz in DE's Logic if something is to Strong it needs Nerfs atleast my Lovely Tonkor got a Buff.. and there is a Reason why People use Stronger Weapons over Useless ones.. Cuz the Balance is at some Point just broken (Btw why not nerf Kuva Guards.. they use a dual shotgun with endless mag wich is Unfair cuz you only have 2 shots with the Twin Roga till reload... this isnt balanced at all if they Ez oneshot you at any range over level 80) i can remember a Time in wich Riven Mods don't needed such Balance... but every 3 Months seeing only Nerfs on the Same guns.. yeah Catchmoon... i'll Make a Meme out of this Gun and Call it the (We Wanted it to be Released Op so we can F you up by Nerfing it all the Time) Next Episode in Warframe: Adding Self Damage to Acra Plasmor,Catchmoon and Tombfinger.. Cuz it Explodes on impact
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