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  1. Well... Today i tryed the new Jackal Boss Fight and i have to say... i'm impressed... the Fight is in 4 phases, each gets harder and it Looks nice But here is something... Strange... the Moa that Spawns and just to get Crushed can spawn acutally before the Fight... They respond to Damage, give 275xp and they try to Avoid you by running away... the Moa is not hostile to the player but still this is a fully programmed Asset that should not spawn ingame... i don't Demand the Removal... it's Funny seeing the Moa's Friend looking at the one who gets Crushed
  2. well i want everything... but we don't need new Skins for... Wisp, Garuda, Nova and Saryn they had everytime over the last Tennogens new skins... how about DE makes some restrictions... DE chooses some Frames and says those frames need skins... DE "make em we use em"... how about Gara, Hyldrin, Octavia, Valkyr and Zephyr... Gara had one Skin and i'm still waiting for her Delux skin since beginning of the year... but Deluxe Ash, Ivara, Nova are more important... We have so many Frames and every time the same ones get new skins... bring some fresh air in it.. Armor and Syandana does not count... Pls DE
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