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  1. Just to be Clear here i #*!%in Hate and Despise the New Index Map... it's to Big, to Dark and you never see the enemy Team... only if you Die you saw one Jad Teran Blowing you in one hit with the Staticor.... it's Dreadful just to find one Enemy... Every other Map in the Index is Not Big, has good lighting and you can easily find your opponents... Fair an Balanced... and i lost more money in the New map than Won... Fix the map and make it atleast Bright...
  2. well i don't think you will get a Refund or a Fix Soon... Sadly
  3. Well Trinity is the Last Frame i need to build and level... But there is one thing that keeps pissing me off i ran Hades for about 50-80 Times... and all i get is The Chassis and the Neuroptics... both of them by about 33.33% Drop chance... but the Chassis and the Neroptic are Guranteed Drops... like the Systems.... but why are the systems by 22.56%... i never see the Blueprint for the Systems Drop... not once in all of my 3000 Hours of playing Warframe so if i go and Kill Vay Hek he drops all the Hydroid parts in a 33.33% drop chance... and why do i never see the Trinity Systems drop... everyone i know who needed Trinity... 1st buyed her for Platinum cuz her systems never Drop 2th just got her Prime Version instead.. cuz its much easier to obtain her (Cheaper than the Vanilla Version) 3th Left the game cuz they felt betrayed by such a Joke of RNG BullS&!? So if there is any Possible Explanation why the Systems are so rare like getting Nitain from a Mission... explain it to me Pls Team DE this is not Farming... this is the biggest BullS&!? ever... and even Ash is faster to Farm than her.. in her Mission you have to pay Animo signal to play the mission... so every Time you lose Resources in order to Farm for her Parts that will by the RNG % never Drop... such a BullS&!? System... make her Parts all 33.33% Drop rate... she allready is one of the Least used Frames... she's even under Vauban... so Sad it sounds its is True
  4. Yea... sayin they listen to Com Feedback... but if there is a bug that make Wukong a Nova with Protal... they insta Fix it... but no one said anything about that... so half of the Community is Crying for this Obvious Asset Texture Bug... and Nothing... they put 2.. may 3 patches after this out... and nothing again... as if Team DE doesn't care at all...
  5. That is so wanted. it's supposed to remind you of Cephalon Simaris
  6. So after i Checked the Update for Wukong... one of my Favs Now... i noticed something... Something that bothers me so hard... i want it Fixed ASAP i don't know how DE Screwed this up but his Leg Cloth / Armor does not Apply the Skin changes from before... (Mithra Skin) Here you can see that the Mithra Skin does not Change 100% anymore and the Skin Leg Cloth / Armor Stays Vanilla The Workshop Picture and Skin made by: Iukinu_u you can see his Leg Cloth / Armor looks Beautiful Here my Pichture how it looks like ingame now (Equiped Mithra Skin) No Changes to the Leg Cloth / Armor Anymore... and before the Rework... everything worked Here the Vanilla Skin
  7. Pressing the Delete Button as Fast as Human Possible to Remove Fugitives from the Event Excuse me.... WTF..... Those Fire tossin Nutheads give me the Salt i don't need..... Just why Everyone Throws a Bottle of Nuclear Napalm.... even the Strongest Frames Die in just a Matter of 2 seconds or less.... i know 50-72 is a Highlevel Alert.... but why are there 50 Fugitives in the Wolfs Room and throw everything they have at you.... this is in no Fu**in Way Balanced.... Nah getin Killed by the Wolf.... XD he dies Quicker than Captain Vor... Dies 1000 Times From 50.000 Damage Fire and Explosions This Event gets the First Place as Meme the Wolf.... Thx DE For those Unbalanced Nutheads Surrounding the Wolf
  8. Cautiuos Shot.... Well what can i say.... 99% wow never get Downed from one Zarr shot.... (Equiped the Mod....) I hate All of you DE if you say 99% Damage Reduction on this Mod is Nice.... well you are wrong... even 1% of the Damage Kills You Instandly.... Who needs This Waste of Vitus Essence, Endo and a Mod slot.... Make it 100% and no one will complain about this mod... but Pls 15 Vitus 30k Endo for a Worthless Mod... Just Remove the Mod.... Without the Mod i don't die from my own Shots.... Cuz i Know what Gun i have to Use.... Just Equip the Tonkor and the Day of Blowing yourself up is gone... you have to Shot this thing atleast 6-10 Meters for it to Explode and you have to Bulletjump Perfectly into the Explosion to die.... why not making it by the Zarr the same...... This is Not a Buff this is a Meme allready
  9. Thanks DE for Fixing the Targis Prime Armor on My Strong Lady Hildryn
  10. i got the Point mate... i know it's not Challenging cuz there are people playing the game who don't have the Equipment or the Time to Grind.... so DE needed to find a Acceptable Balance for everyone to complete a weekly... not everyone does 100 eximus in one day... some need 3-5 days.... im fine with the Lack of Challenge...
  11. i Spend 40 Waves with Gara on Jupiter Sinai with my Zarr and you have nearly every round eximus after 10 waves.... Ez 100 eximus
  12. So you fix the Tennocon 2019 armor on Hildryn and why do ya don't fix the targis prime armor on her with the Tennocon Armor changes in one run.... Thx DE
  13. Still no Fix for the Cosmetic Bugs on Hildryn and Limbo Delux Tarot card skin <( if you use Spira prime the card holster just bug out) And some Weapons Display a Black shadow outline sometimes if you equip a Skin like the Volnus with Palatine skin or with Kitguns like Gaze with Haymaker and Killstream.. The gun shows a second Black magazine behind the Original one. The Flox Syandana is Still Bugged and won't open and if you Try to join a Public Match on the Orb Vallis from the Orbiter you will get every time the Message connection to host has ben lost... but if you enter from Fortuna everything is fine and i have no idea why.... and what destroys the fun of Prime fissure missions is having a host who left in a survival run exactly in the 5 seconds of geting rewarded...and you lost all the progress and you get nothing and the relic simply didn't open at all.... even if you fall down into a pit and you get reset in the 5 seconds you get a black screen and you can't select a relics reward and i had to alt + F4 to fix it.... both of the Hotfixes before this one destroyed more than fixing... any kind of Missions Take ages to load, Cosmetic bugs, Arcane bugs, Frame bugs, Melee bugs... i know this can happen but not with 2 patches Dear @[DE]Rebecca i know Fixing this is Hard work but Plaease Fix known system Issues First than the other ones and take you time and read what your Proud Community has to say about Bugs and Glitches... only if those Bugs gets Fixed the Community is Happy and plays all day long Thx DE For everything so far but Please Fix this
  14. Well you're right... but if you have a Cake... there is allways someone who wants a bigger Slice... im fine with the 90 Riven mod cap.... only Platinum Hunter (Trader) have a Problem with it or People (Casual) who want a Riven for Every weapon, Pistol, Melee and Sentinel Gun...
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