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  1. Can't see the accuracy of the pellets when we can never see the pellets hit a wall.
  2. i swear if he blocks the required materials one more time i'm going to do nothing and wait the 10+ seconds for him to go away
  3. There's a few arcanes that grant on-finisher effects aren't there? EDIT: 15% chance is pretty garbage for invis, but that +1200 armor seems really good and has a long duration. I completely forgot about ratka dark dagger's effects, I should pull that out again sometime.
  4. Smeeta is possibly the only pet players wouldn't want attacking enemies. It probably wouldn't hurt to have a universal beast-companion mod that makes them passive. Sometimes the cloak Kubrow ends up attacking while cloaked and alerting enemies. Mods like Retrieve, Dig, Scavenge, Fetch, Shelter, Sense Danger, and a number more of non-aggressive precept and utility mods with debatable usefulness from companions I could go on listing through every breed and mod, would still be usable and worth having if we made our beast companions passive. Also I always have my beast companions forma-ed for max damage and set with mods to heal my warframe for survivability. Basic melee attacks from beast companions can't really do much more than that in higher-leveled content. There is a number of arcanes, mods, abilities, and a focus school that would help pet survivability that I lack the motivation to list. The most basic mods for pet survivability are all 3 Link mods found on Earth, 99% of the time these are better than the flat +% mods you can put on them instead, two of the Bleedout companion mods to reach over 2 minutes of bleedout time, and Pack Leader to heal your companion on melee attacks. I've never used it myself but Tek Enhance also grants a % chance for kavats to survive killing blows. I ended up rambling ahead because I like this stuff so much but it strays from OPs thread. The Vazarin school provides a dash that grants healing and invulnerability for players and companions that you can use to protect your beasts or any companion. Vazarin also gets 8 instant-revives (4 on your frame, and 4 from your operator) which you can be greedy and save only for yourself. Unless you min-max all your builds, you could always consider running Vazarin, HP mods on your frame (Which in turn would grant your companion more HP), Health damage to energy mods + Adaptation for tanking damage to regenerate Energy since no Zenurik energy dash, and lack of energy pizzas. I run this on even the squishiest frames and still survive with my Kavats healing me or the rare panic-dash for invun and healing. Eventually everything will be one-shotted if you aren't running a tank frame regardless in later Steel Path or excessively lengthy survivals but there's always techniques and precautions you can do to survive as squishy in these levels. I run Steel Path fine but I haven't gone into any really excessive lengths in endless missions. Grinding Steel Path for acolytes with hour-long runs or mutli-hour runs of Arbitrations to grind out essence usually turns out fine. I've ran the Vasca Kavat non-stop since it was added to the game for it's revive mod, the Vasca can revive it's owner at the cost of only a small % of HP instead of out-right dying. Vulpaphyla's also got a new precept called Martyr Symbiosis that can revive the player but kills the kavat in the process.
  5. If anyone plans on messing with this: If you get soft-locked with error spam with an aura stuck in a non-aura slot, and the aura slot empty with negative config capacity. Click on Actions and then Auto-Install and it should wipe the loadout after you do this once or twice. EDIT: This has worked for me a few times, but I just did it again and it spammed me with literal infinite error messages, lagging my entire PC. Experiment at your own risk. I believe I was attempting auto-install while there was still another aura in the aura slot, but I can't be sure and I'm done messing with it. If you have two auras equipped with one not in the aura slot, if you close the loadout and open it again it'll unequip the aura in the aura slot. If you have an aura in a non-aura slot but your capacity is still positive, you can simply right-click it off. Regardless I'm sure most soft-locks with this bug are fixable by the user, it's just finnicky trying to figure what buttons to push in what order.
  6. The Sobek Grineer Shotgun does not make bullet holes on surfaces when they hit unlike every other bullet-based shotgun I have. It makes it hard to see how accurate it is and makes it seem like the gun is shooting nothing. Sobek shooting at the wall: It gets no decals slapped on the wall, as far as I know this isn't some magical energy-elemental shotgun. I know different weapons get different effects when their bullets hit a wall, but I'm sure Sobek is supposed to have something.
  7. Loki's decoy is always level 1, a lot of players are picking up Loki Prime again, Decoy is near-useless in higher level gameplay since the decoy dies in a single shot, making it and it's augments useless. A simple level buff based on mission that'd end up increasing it's HP would be nice, and maybe any other warframe stats affecting the decoy stats. It's also his ability to be given to other warframes via helminth, it'd be great if it was viable to do this.
  8. Does releasing on blue cursor do anything anymore? The blue cursor on full charge lasts for what looks like a single frame and that doesn't seem possible to time to release on, does holding down beyond that still give full damage? Does the blue cursor even mean anything anymore?
  9. Can some one help me understand how I obtain this? I don't exactly understand where I obtain it from what it says on the wikia. Where would it be dropped/given in the Sabotage Missions? It mentions Orokin Void sabotage mission, but that doesn't help that much figuring where it'd be given or dropped. There's two places it says it can be gained from Incursions, Is it referring to mission rewards, bounties, enemy drops, or what? Is Rot B referring to the word "rotation"? I think I understand what rotations for items and whatever else they'd affect if that really is what it's referring to, and what does PoE stand for because I am unable to search that up since it has other more common meanings.
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