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  1. My rank 4 Meticulous Aim, replacing Lasting Purity deals a lot less damage per headshot, so I imagine if you're choosing one or the other, they probably add around the same amount of damage, yet one reduces bodyshot damage and the other basically increases it. I don't know if using it Max rank would make it go over Lasting Purity, if it does I don't imagine it'd be by that much. I'd say run both mods or only run Lasting Purity. ..or run Target Acquired instead of Meticulous Aim...
  2. If you wouldn't want to be hitting headshots, then you shouldn't be using the Vulkar to begin with, also I have no idea how the +headshot damage gets added and I don't want to put my own effort in testing and doing any sort of math. EDIT: sorry that's a little toxic, I don't know how bodyshots from the Vulkar Wraith would compare to other crit-based snipers with any choice of zoom on them, assuming any hit from any sniper is a crit. On my abysmal loadout I have currently, a single headshot on max zoom without the mod was doing ~115k damage, and with the Meticulous Aim mod at rank 4 (+87% Headshot damage) it was doing around ~180k damage. I need to forma my Vulkar Wraith again to fit it at max rank, or derank another mod.
  3. Do you guys think it's really worth it to use this mod? It adds so much more headshot damage (at the cost of bodyshot damage) which does give a massive damage buff per hit. I've been using Vulkar lately in the past weeks since I want to have fun aiming at things in basic missions and getting top damage from overkill, and my loadout consists of the basic mods for cc/cd and damage, a riven, the Lasting Purity augment, and Harkonar Scope (in the empty space) rather than a 60/60 or 90 elemental mod. Lasting Purity is a pretty beefy mod for the Vulkar to increase damage, I don't think I would want to get rid of that for Meticulous Aim, even though I'm sure Meticulous Aim would do more damage per headshot if only one mod was equipped at a time. I could replace Harkanor Scope with Meticulous Aim, but that would make my combo decay a lot faster (every 2? seconds rather than 8+) and the Combo raises damage up pretty well, although it is fairly easy to get a 2.0x or 2.5x damage multiplier, yet with Harkonar Scope it is far easier to withhold a 2.5x or 3x combo multiplier rather than decaying back down occasionally with a bit of wait. As far as I know and don't completely understand, Harkonar Scope has some weird interactions with zooming in and out as combo decays, extending the current hit count for extra time despite only holding scope/aim in for a moment. Do you guys think Meticulous Aim is just a complete gag mod? Would it ever be worth running over other mods? (If anyone was wondering I also run Gas damage since my riven is stuck with Heat unless I wanted to run a 2nd elemental mod, but with hitting headshots consistently, even with my -status duration, Gas damage still does a single tick of toxin on enemies and with the large damage per headshot it can occasionally kill enemies in an AoE with a single shot as a joke build) Just a last edit, this is not a discussion between using different snipers and how bad a "headshot sniper" is, I am making this post to talk about the Vulkar specifically.
  4. I tried out the Amalgam mod and didn't see much of a difference in charge speed for the shots and was disappointed, seems like I don't like reading posts and speed to reply.. so my post is edited and I removed something from it and I can't delete it..
  5. I got used to it's AoE and if enemies are close I just spray at the ground around me far enough away to never get hit by it, except when another frame jumps in front of me or a surprise drone. It shouldn't be hard to get used to, I've instagibbed myself many times with it even in arbs but it's not that much of a bother, just a mistake.
  6. Titania is probably my favorite frame, yet I hardly ever use her 4. I enjoy her other abilities (except that 2 of the 4 buffs from her 2nd ability is pretty useless) I like the crowd control and causing people to fly, and not building specifically for her exalted weapons, everyone builds for her exalted weapons which is why her other abilities are usually left in the dust, as well as why they gave her the possibility of 3 lanterns instead of 1. I have my own weapons and I don't need to build for exalted weapons, and they preform fine in high level content even without building for strength if I need to avoid getting hit or need a bit more ammo. Her 1 and 3 have a pretty nice range in crowd control to easily take enemies out when they're distracted or floating off into space, as far as I see it she doesn't need a rework, you just need to build her in other ways, and actually use her other abilities rather than ignoring them entirely. oop i'm a little salty at people asking for rework of titania i didn't even read the post. seems a little silly. gonna leave my grain of salt here anyways because i uh... can't really delete it and don't want to put the effort in making a whole new post edit. also a little lazy to read through many other posts, that's all on me though.
  7. too lazy to read many many posts, gonna poke at one thing though I don't personally like using recruit chat at all since I don't like to be expected to be top geared and super insane meta to get screamed at or have people refuse to queue with me for the gear I use so I prefer doing pubs, more often than not I'd have people just leaving squads if they don't like the gear I'm using, and usually don't have people screaming at me for what I use when I just want to have fun and still be decently effective throughout missions I queue for. Too stressful to try to join a pre-made squad and have others' expect so much from you in a game. but yeah it ends up being a gamble if you get other cruddy players throughout pubs though, just hope for the best and hope people actually...do things.. seems like this post was made to talk about the summoning mechanic specifically anyways
  8. I never said to glue an enemy to the ground, I want the lantern to have much more resistance to knockback as it's floating around, or have a stronger pull to it's original position. I am very aware that bug, it is a pretty bad problem, but it bothers me far less than the issue I have posted about. As it is now, only host can shoot or melee the lantern, which is one of the many client/host bugs that have not been fixed for months and months. (but I don't mind this bug since it makes less players spin2win my lanterns into orbit, that doesn't change the fact it's a bug though) Any other entity that isn't a player themselves can also hit the lantern around, but more often than not, once a player realizes they can knock a floating enemy around, they'll keep doing it because it looks funny. Taking the risk of asking them to try to stop hitting my lanterns away is stressful, since many players completely ignore chat or continue to do it to spite.
  9. I was a little scared of the rework a while back since I was afraid of how much it would change the first three abilities. I am a Titania player who enjoys using the rest of my abilities except for my exalted weapons since I do not build for them for higher level play, and I enjoy the passive Titania has, as well as how the default skin looks. Nothing was changed for the worse, no changes made Titania worse than she was before, the 3 got a buff to have 3 lanterns instead of 1 to make it more usable for more players, and there was talk about the lantern becoming anchored into place to prevent it from being hit floating off into the sky. The "anchor" functionality that we got is completely useless beyond the tiniest nudges in closed rooms, my Lanterns still blast far off by Specters, Specter abilities, companions, sentinels, and other players flailing their melee or shooting it for the hell of it, doing it purposefully which happens more often than not, and there is absolutely nothing I can do about this. This "floating back to it's original place" is far too slow and weak to be useful when it's so easy to blast the floating enemy into orbit with a shot or few, giving it overpowering speeds that the "anchor" functionality can not beat. I thought this talk about the lanterns being anchored would prevent this from happening, yet this "buff" or "change" to the 3 relating to this is near useless, and makes it very frustrating to play Titania out of solo. I would like to see an actual anchor to prevent the lanterns from moving, added to Titania's Lantern ability to make it more usable in squads, or with companions.
  10. Seems like the Multron is only good in clip size, the rest of the new ones seem like garbo. would Silent alarming mods help my moa from being targeted?
  11. then they should change the stats on the weapon.. i went right to beefing it up and wasting materials on it because I thought it wouldve been 100% accurate ..without testing it. no snipers' accuracy is listed as 100 even though they are 100 while scoped in so i assumed this one would've been 100% accurate since it's listed as that on it's own
  12. Does the Vulklok not actually have 100 accuracy? Is it related to some problem with it being a sniper and AI/Specters not zooming in? My Moa is consistently missing shots 1 or 2 meters off an actual no AI target. Are the other Sentinel weapons this bad? The new ones from Fortuna or Stinger and other sort of accurate weapons. Seems like blasting off with Sweeper is still the best option.
  13. Will it ever be a possibility of removing Banshee/Banshee Prime's left shoulder armor entirely? It's on there by default and there's no way of getting rid of it unless we put another shoulder piece in it's place- but that makes us have to put something else there. If we're able to replace the left shoulder armor piece, why can't we take it off entirely and have it empty? To me it seems like a massive, randomly shaped, and janky piece of something left on there and leaves the right shoulder unmatched and ..less symmetrical. Banshee was my first frame and first prime frame and I've had absolutely no good feelings towards this shoulder armor. EDIT: uhh, sorry i don't have any in depth explanation of anything and i don't have the capacity right now to put more thought through it
  14. Spharin

    Melee Blocking

    Can we please have blocking tied to a key? It's so irritating consistently having my melees repeatedly interrupted and delayed because I end up trying to block enemy bullets when I don't need/care to. I don't main melee or use it all that often, and this change is making me want to use it even less. It's making melee weapons less smooth and less fun to use.
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