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  1. Venari's AI seems a little more wonky than the usual kavat AI and I find myself having trouble keeping track of Venari for healing, even if I mark myself/others to be healed, Venari doesn't always correctly find the way to the marked ally, so if one of us wanted healing we would need to scout out for Venari or go far enough away to get Venari to teleport to you. Radar isn't always the best way to find them either, since usually I have my kavat equipped, others have their companions equipped, and radar is usually cluttered with enemy icons as well. The same goes along with general Venari usage, not being able to easily keep track of Venari makes it tougher to manage Khora's passive in general, and makes it less enjoyable to play Khora. Venari is a kavat like every other, it would be nice if it was consistant and gives Venari a nametag as well
  2. This makes it very obnoxious and possibly reward-costing to type in chat or any other task that requires the enter key. It makes this popup appear every time you click Enter, regardless of what you're doing. Here's a video of this problem in action. Chatlinking and sending messages consistantly promts asking me if I want to leave squad. This could easily cause some one to mistakenly click enter again as if they're confirming this popup. In Arbitrations, since we only get one life it is more common for players to die and are left at this screen. owo
  3. Spharin

    This game needs a vote kick function

    I think they were showing off what players do with how their title is stated as the reason they want a "votekick" in-game They themselves don't do it (i hope) and they were just trying to prove along what they were expressing.
  4. It seems like this bug has been around for a very long time. If you run into a wall or fly into a wall and it causes you to die, there's a possibility the game just flat out freezes and crashes. I've had this happen a number of times in the past months, either by mistake or on purpose in Plains of Eidolon, and this bug has just occured in Fortuna. I don't know if it has something to do with being squad host, or having/using abilities while in archwing/abilities that linger after deploying archwing. Before posting this, I was flying around in my archwing and crashed into the floor in a Vallis tile, but I had got stuck in the tile and was unable to get off of it and was being repeatedly impact procced until I died, before I could even see myself die, right as my health ticked down to the last hit point, my game crashes. The tile I got stuck on I am not sure of, it was just a floor as well and not some wall or rock or crack I got stuck in, I simply couldn't fly back off of the ground. Unable to start whatever opens on game crash since the game infinitely doesn't respond rather than closes. Is there anywhere else I can access crash logs? Would it even make one if I have to forcefully close with task manager?
  5. Spharin

    New Beast Damage Mods

    I just got Frost Jaw to drop from some enemies in Vallis, it seems like they've added dual-stat status mods for Beasts. These mods would take even more slots up on our Beasts if we want to boost their damage a ton more. My assumption is that there's a dual-stat for every damage type as there are for every other weapon. Do you guys think Beast attacks should be it's own melee "weapon", with these new mods? There's currently 6 mods now (excluding breed "augments" or mods such as Pounce, Sharpened Claws and Swipe, unsure if I'd be able to put these in the same catagory as the other mods.) that can affect our Beast damage, status and critical damage and chance. The old damage mods prior to the addition of these dual-stats are Maul and Bite, which greatly increases our Beast damage, crit chance and crit damage. Beasts currently get 2 extra mods slots though compared to our own weapons and warframes, though. What are all of your opinions on this? I don't believe there's enough mods for beasts that would push for beasts having their own weapons, so it would probably be silly and overpowered if they had their own melee "weapon."
  6. seems pretty shoddy you cut out important bits in between my post and ignoring most of what i've said, and making the post look worse than it is. makes me think you didn't even bother acknowledging what the problems can be and going straight for what's "bad" and blaming the problems on others, sitting around doing nothing, waiting for some one else to fix everything for you, rather than trying to fix and figure things out for yourself. Don't like how things are turning out? How about you buy these items since you want them so much. Seems like drops are working for many and it's only people who aren't getting drops consistantly are the ones speaking out massively, posting and waiting when they can be doing something themselves.
  7. I've been going at watchin' stuff for the past more than a day, I've been getting drops every hour at (nearly, give or take 2m) the same time every hour. The only time when I didn't get a drop was: When I paused a stream for 10m or less When I had slight connection problems for less than a minute and/or swapping streams Closing twitch for less than 10 minutes (I am unsure how twitch drops work, I do not know if it requires you to watch for the full hour or if you need to be watching a stream when the drops are given, or a mix of the two, or if drop times are different per user or not.) These actions prevented me from getting my prize on the hour, so I had to wait a full extra hour for the next drop since it "skipped" those drops for those specific hours. So there was a two hour gap between some Twitch drops. What didn't interrupt my twitch drops: A Warframe partner hosting another Warframe partner, even if you stay on "username is now hosting username" page. Swapping between Browser and Twitch App It seems like you need consistant watch time for this to actually work, constantly fumbling with your browser/twitch app, account links, ect. is just wasting time you could be using to watch streams. These "problems" may be on Twitch's side, be it a bug or functionality with how twitch drops work, but we won't be entirely sure. We shouldn't be pointing fingers and whining so much about the problems we're having. This is a chance at free stuff, we shouldn't be complaining about getting fireworks/credits repeatedly and not the expensive potatoed warframes we all want. We may never be sure what functionality or what "bugs" could be messing with the drops, if DE or Twitch want to say something, they will. I'm sure DE is well aware with all of these players posting about not getting drops or not getting what they wanted. We need to stay calm and do as what is said, rather than frantically panicking and fumbling with everything. I'm sure as long as you have your current/in use Tiwtch account linked to your main/current Warframe account, and you watch a stream for a full two or more hours without any interruptions, or pausing, you will get your drops in time. PogChamp WHERE ARE THE DROPS PogChamp
  8. I've been getting twitch drops consistantly for the past day and more, and I'm having no problem with it. Until in the past few hours, I've been having very minor connection issues (disconnection for ~10 or so seconds) and I also swapped streams one of these times, and it didn't give me the drops for both the hours these happened in. I also paused for roughly 10 minutes instinctively for silence and then I didn't get the drop for that hour either. You have to keep up consistant watch time or watch when the drop goes (unsure of which) you WILL get the drops. There is no "chance" to get a drop, a drop is definite every hour, it's what you get from the drop that is randomized. I've literally only gotten fireworks and credits though, and 1 cetus wisp, but I'm not gonna whine all that much, I already own Khora, but not Nidus. These problems may not be on DE's end, and may be some issues or functionality on Twitch's end. We won't be sure of what's going on but it's not a time to point fingers. These are free items, we all should be happy we at least have a chance of getting ANYTHING free.
  9. Anyone else see themselves constantly adjusting their brightness every map because they can't see a damn thing in darkness or light? It doesn't seem like adaptive exposure helps either, as well as color correction just making everything have less colors/more contrast depending on the planet/tile. Planets with dark areas or insanely bright whites are terrible to travel across because I have to constantly adjust my brightness to be able to see anything at all, as well as simulacrum being absolutely blinding, and Vallis caves are pitch black while the surface is blinding.
  10. Spharin

    Is there a way to force host a game?

    Showing off bugs is only going to get them patched quicker. I totally abuse this though, it works even if it starts putting you in a squad, just spam esc as hard as you can. Squading up beforehand as long as you invite others is a way to stay host. For me It's extremely annoying not being host, since i get a delay on changing to operator and camera spasms when I swap to operator to consistantly heal myself with Vazarin since that is what I rely on for survivability. I wish they'd patch things up better so it didn't feel absolutely terrible trying to swap to operator and back when you're not host.
  11. It seems like the Synth set bonus bugs out in the Simulacrum, possibly relating to the arsenal and editing loadouts mid-missions. Make sure you check through everything before you start panicking about holster reload not working. I haven't used it in-depth outside of simulacrum, because I don't use sentinels much, and Synth Charge isn't that viable to use on most secondaries so I'm not too sure if there's any other bugs with it.
  12. I'm on PC, I've used both the twitch app and in-browser, every drop every hour has worked perfectly fine for me. I'm swimming in fireworks. There must be other external problems that people have that's causing it to not work consistantly.
  13. Yeah, it's good for show, but it kinda sucks mainly the larger streamers are getting even more viewers because the amount of players join in only for drops, while smaller streamers seem even smaller and get no extra attention to themselves because they're not shown over others while browsing Warframe on Twitch.
  14. Spharin

    Synth Charge

    I love getting - zoom on any weapon, I wish itself was it's own mod, as it is for Conclave Rubico alone. So they acknoledge that -zoom is useful in some cases, even though it is just for conclave... Also, I heard the cap on -% magazine size isn't that high apparently, so even then it might not be all that useful but still would be something.