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  1. I've only unveiled 7 or so melee rivens in my lifetime and 4 of them have been Balla rivens, which most people say or what garbo "meta" is worthless to have a riven for because it's a "dagger zaw" so nobody is going to think different so I'll never sell them, and 1 Cyath range/speed which I use occasionally. I just transmuted 4 mods, 1 of which was a melee and I ended up getting a veiled riven mod just to unveil another Balla riven. I don't have enough trash rivens to transmute the same type 4x in one transmute, or the platinum to stock up in riven slots. Why did I get 4 garbage balla rivens that absolutely no one is going to buy? Why are zaw rivens so common?
  2. Spharin

    Companion/Weapon Names

    I've seen a lot of people who have profanity and slurs in their custom pet/weapon names, I don't really understand how they do it or if it's an exploit with certain symbols/characters, or it's just an old name created in the past or something I wouldn't know. Wouldn't a thing like this against something? The game currently doesn't let you put so many words or parts of words in your custom names (which is extremely annoying when some words/parts have nothing wrong with them and you get cblocked from using the name you want) for weapons/companions so people that have somehow managed to do so, can something happen to them? There's nowhere in-game or on zendesk you can report this sort of stuff though, not like much of anything bothers me but I'm curious if there's any way to report this? maybe i jus wanna do it to do it lole
  3. Spharin

    This game needs a vote kick function

    I think they were showing off what players do with how their title is stated as the reason they want a "votekick" in-game They themselves don't do it (i hope) and they were just trying to prove along what they were expressing.
  4. Spharin

    New Beast Damage Mods

    I just got Frost Jaw to drop from some enemies in Vallis, it seems like they've added dual-stat status mods for Beasts. These mods would take even more slots up on our Beasts if we want to boost their damage a ton more. My assumption is that there's a dual-stat for every damage type as there are for every other weapon. Do you guys think Beast attacks should be it's own melee "weapon", with these new mods? There's currently 6 mods now (excluding breed "augments" or mods such as Pounce, Sharpened Claws and Swipe, unsure if I'd be able to put these in the same catagory as the other mods.) that can affect our Beast damage, status and critical damage and chance. The old damage mods prior to the addition of these dual-stats are Maul and Bite, which greatly increases our Beast damage, crit chance and crit damage. Beasts currently get 2 extra mods slots though compared to our own weapons and warframes, though. What are all of your opinions on this? I don't believe there's enough mods for beasts that would push for beasts having their own weapons, so it would probably be silly and overpowered if they had their own melee "weapon."