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  1. :) Sometimes RNG just gives you bad spawns. Glad you got it done.
  2. I think I took Limbo and did the loop method. Although I think I remember putting up a cataclysm and stasis and wrecking enemies a bit more occasionally. That was probably just to collect my points without risking taking any shots. Wukong would probably work well too.
  3. Also throw in that you can dodge sideways. Kind of a tangent but if you're using the dragon key that slows you down, it doesn't slow down rolling or bullet jumping so you can still be just as fast as normal if you just use those methods to get around. You can increase parkour velocity on headshots with arcane Consequence as well as that Firewalker mod and the other elemental versions like it. Also if anyone reading this doesn't know, Ivara doesn't break prowl when rolling so that can get you around nearly as fast as sprinting (don't bullet jump though, you used to be able to do that from a sta
  4. It's going to depend a lot on which warframe and which color channel, and probably which skin too. There are different material effects, different saturations, various other effects that will all make a difference. There are a couple in the Tenno palette that look close to me, a few in ice, and ki'teer might be. Maybe a couple in Easter or Concquest (those ones seem darker though). Might try a couple from Beach (dog days event).
  5. Odd. I just ran Baal to test it and both the Sniper Crewman and Elite Crewman gave up their weapons. Again, that's on PC, so I guess you never know.
  6. I used Limbo with all the sprint speed I could get, including the augment for primaries. I put on sliding speed (minus friction) mods too. You might want to make a note of what you use because 26 is very similar but in addition to running around the floor they also go up the walls.
  7. No, that's not a bug we ever had on PC. The only ones it doesn't seem to be able to steal weapons from are anyone inside a nullifier's bubble. Which makes sense, of course. MOAs and Ospreys give you the little ball like all melee only enemies give you.
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