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  1. So! Nice little mask based off of the story of the Thousand Year Fish. The central eye/mask eyeholes are obviously based around tralok eyes, and then the two secondary eyes are based off of Sol and Lua. (In case of bad drawing skills- Sol is roughly along the brow line, while Lua sits on the outside of the lower ocular orbit of your skull.) This is the basic mask, with the set colors- a bit of gold and some inset iradite, plus condroc feathers crowning the vague representation of the Unum and her Tower. This is a basic color test, trying to keep in mind how the colors will be set off of primary, secondary, tertiary, and accent color! I'm really sad I couldn't include dust on the wind, because that is absolutely one of my favorite lines- "a body turned to dust turned to motes on a careless wind." But that isn't an easy visual to depict clearly 😞 Everyone has such lovely masks so far, best of luck to you all!
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