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  1. Thx you made me realize why I randomly got it on another mission.!!! I got the level wrong. It was 30+ not 27-35, etc
  2. I always try to do this challenge, but it never works. I play as ivara and stay invis the entire time. I get a hushed weapon that 1 shots. I Make sure I insta kill or kill enemies behind so they dont detect, but i still loose the challenge. The only time i manage to do it is when i had everyone kill the enemies too fast for them to react
  3. When a player like you wants to channel it should feel and look amazing. Currently, we have a middle mouse button that shines your player and boosts your strengths a bit. Channeling Concept My concept of channeling is for the players' mobility and vision is decreased slightly in favor of damage and speed. This is the player channeling their strength into the blade. When the player enters the channeling mode the screen will zoom in right behind the Warframe. The player can't make sharp turns and has increased speed when charging in. The player has access to all movement keys but left and right movement will tilt the player while in a sprinting motion. Melee attacking the enemy will finish them with the sequence posted by Steve Sinclair.
  4. Couldn't figure it out. Spent 30min trying to get the ticket but couldn't get it to work. If you know how to may you do it
  5. The big room with corpus letters at the entrance near one of the player spawn points has a hole. If you get to different floors in this section you can enter a room in which you can walk behind and outside the world
  6. MoArt Emote entry: The moa Looks down at a sum-what even surface The moa starts shooting at the ground which makes smoke surround it. When the moa Finishes the gas starts to vanish with an image bullet print on the floor
  7. The Orokin Mask by: MysticTheif Front View Side View Me Wearing It
  8. Shouldn't the first place prize also include the mask that the player made?
  9. you dont have to change it drastically. Just get the general idea of how their art works. Just look at the different parts of different drawings and try to infuse it with some of your original content. This is also your decision, I don't get to choose what you like about your art. Just go your own path. Good art btw!!
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