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  1. This Broken Warframe Concept is to form a powerful support, crowd control warframe. This is done by having support abilities that can keep the player's damage & survival rate up and crowd control that can debuff and control the enemies. Passive [Splinter]: When the warframe’s shields break they explode breaking off "armor" and propelling it far so that it can be pick by the player to regain shields. If they are not picked up the player automatically regenerates shields and the "armor". Ability 1 [Makeshift]: The warframe will create a makeshift weapon ranging from a sword or a battleaxe at random. He will strike down a straight line in front of the player breaking the weapon and causing different effects. Swords cause the enemy to drop health and energy Battleaxe causes the enemy to knockdown and disarm Ability 2 [Restoration]: All shields are expended and cause a contained [Splinter] explosion making "armor" not be thrown. The explosion will give the warframe energy and any kills all players get will give health. Ability 3: [Vision Fracture]: The warframe will set off a flash bang from its shoulder blinding enemies in front of him. When blasting an enemy multiple times it will proc fire. If it blinds at least one new enemy it will recast automatically for zero cost until it doesn't blind an enemy. Ability 4 [Mind Breaker]: The player charges up and releases a storm around him marking enemies making them acceptable to damage from their allies. The player will change form and have a new set of abilities which control marked enemies. Ability 1 [Shoot]: All marked enemies will shoot at where the player is looking while draining the warframe's energy for each shooter. Ability 2 [Travel]: All marked enemies will sprint to a new location the player looks at losing their health. Ability 3 [Stand]: marked enemies stand still not attacking, being easy targets. Ability 4 [Mind Breaker]: The player exits this ability stunning the marked and returning to normal
  2. Voodoo Theme. But instead of dolls, voodoo weapons that control enemies as well as damage units
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