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  1. You'll need to promote whoever is needed to be to Founding Warlord. (I would actually recommend you name that spot as what you want it for your's since you are the founder.) Warlord and the one beneath it can easily be named for your friends.
  2. Fanart? Custom art that artist copyrighted? Go back to original post from artist. It will most likely tell you why DE declined it.
  3. If you're trying to use a picture that can easily be associated with another game/franchise, 9/10 it's copyrighted. If DE went to your dojo on stream and ANYONE saw that your emblem belongs to someone other than DE and is copyrighted, DE will face a major lawsuit. They will not fight a court battle so you can have a pretty emblem. When in doubt, throw it out.
  4. Consoles are like.... 4-6 weeks min behind pc
  5. Disruption Abitration - 8 conduits = 1 round
  6. If you are asking if Cautious Shot is equippable, idk - I'm currently building them now. Bundle buyers and PC players will better have an answer for you.
  7. OP said they were spending the plat on the frame slot itself, not the 'buy-all' from the market. They have Oberon built and ready to be claimed in their foundry.
  8. CORRECTION!!! As I typed the last message, I connected and logged into US servers WE ARE LIVE
  9. Translation to English for the nonfluent: Same here in France, I dedcuce that they cut all PS4 servers? So it seems
  10. It looks like to me that it's the US servers (unless there are other countries posting?) EDIT: US and UK down
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