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  1. That's an alright little buff. I know players find it weak, but its an MR7 weapon, there might be variants or others in the class at higher MR, better stats. Its a shame, but it is what it is.
  2. I think this is pretty important. I often spend time building stockpiles of mining resources en masse, its tedious and clunky. There are also times when claiming breaks if you do it too much/ too quickly. I don't think there needs to be a generic solution to it like you seem to suggest @.Murk.. But if any 1 minute resource could get an option to build multiples, even if each addition adds a minute of build time I think that would be a great QoL addition to all these short build time BPs. In the past I've considered if some things like mining resources could just be refined at a vendor instead as well, to just bypass the foundry timers. but I would also like better solutions for things like the Eidolon Phylaxis and Infested Catalyst items.
  3. I think that literally giving her a k-drive was a bit of a blunt approach to the Warfame that inspired the vent kids. If she had movement reminiscent of k-drives instead I think that would have been a much more interesting direction. I like the movement changes here, moving her a way from stock k-drive movement, its a nice change. She's going to need to find synergy to be good, that's still lacking in my opinion.
  4. Good changes to the submissions. It should make these threads more readable. Some more chances for features is a nice change as well, especially for those who have been involved for a while now. good stuff. good luck everyone.
  5. Its fair to give me ****; about not addressing the topic more specifically. Its hard to keep up with the game in general. I think that no matter what; this sentiment of "no sufficient notice" will appear regardless of what DE does to notify people. With my comment I shift the focus towards, "these are here for way too long anyways, if you care then you need to be proactive" its how the devs are with communication. is it ideal? hell no. They could communicate better about many things, most things actually. This NW thing could easily have been an inbox message a few weeks before. sometimes I think DE doesn't even know what they are gonna do a week before something is announced as well. Problem is the topic grows into a massive beast, when, the reality is. you need to pay more attention to how DE communicates, that's the conclusion no matter what.
  6. range is modified by power range, its alright. the CD is a bigger issue.
  7. Doing this is Public squads is probably making it worse as well. I hate this farm, but I got some keys farming the new parazon mods in spy fissures, enough for one of the weapons. I got another 40 casually testing stuff in the voidstorms. I recently did a big farm, doing a few full rotations of Nu-Gua mines solo. it took about 4h to get to 80. I was at the exit at around 2:40 usually. Very optimized RJ loadout and arsenal. at the time it was relatively enjoyable to just crack random relics and collect some garbage parts, some forma. since the mission is unusually fast it doesn't drag on too badly. I think this situation would be alright if voidstorms were also go-to relic cracking missions, then you would have a nice situation were you are probably going to do them anyways, so hey, you get some keys every once in a while. Because people don't run relics in voidstorms casually, and most players in my experience are not very effective at RJ in general random squads its become a sad mess and its best to optimize the hell out of the corrupted key farm, solo, to roll the dice as often as possible. I'm interested in getting the weapons, though they not worth the farm. I'm waiting for some good elements with decent %, I'm not maxing these out, but I'd prefer them to be functional at least.
  8. There hasn't been a nightwave, nor an intermission that hasn't massively overstayed its welcome in literal years. If you were surprised by its ending, or ignored it for too long. you reap what you sow. if it matters to you then pay attention.
  9. this has been fixed, take a look at your interface settings.
  10. There are a good number of key resources that I think should be at the very top, if for no other reason than giving you a quick way to check your progress with the tab menu and not having to use P and scroll down. Some of these are high in the listing, but over time fall down and disappear from that quick check. Kuva Riven Slivers Steel Essence Vitus Essence
  11. Primary & Secondary Weapon Arcanes Galvanized Mods Some time has passed and I've been using this stuff for a decent amount of time now. I think "On Kill" is the worst aspect of these weapon buffs. There are many previous arcanes with very generous activation conditions such as "On Critical Hit" that is able to be activated by ANY critical hit, or simply "On Hit" effects that feel so much better. "On Kill" has a real sustain problem, even for Merciless in my opinion. What I dislike the most is that "On Kill" is a relatively high bar in relation to arcanes as a whole, but then its also "On Kill" with a specific weapon, meaning you want to stay with it to keep up the effect, but along with a pretty stringent activation condition there is also a low uptime of 4sec per stack. its compounding costs in a way that is unpleasant were so many arcanes in the past have been very comfortable to use due to generous activation or a high uptime and sometimes both.
  12. Please just stealthily, very sneaky-like remove Kuva Grattler, and just get a Kuva Sobek in there instead. thank you.
  13. The Corrupted Holokey farm is a living nightmare and I will just avoid it for now. I don't have any suggestion beyond making it deterministic.
  14. Shes the anti-synergy frame, actually impressively so. Her signature weapon isnt even crit, so its not benefitting from her passive at all.
  15. it did happen, there was no inbox message along with it though. check your mods, they should be there, even the Ultimatums.
  16. Hunting Liches and Sisters is actually in a good place. OULL helps a lot, mostly with Kuva Liches as they are a bit slower with Murmurs than the Sisters are. I would like Kuva Liches to be more aggressive still and try to fight you more often, just a hair. Getting started with a Lich is something that should be looked at. pre-update I had one of my worst attempt at summoning a Rad Kuva Drakgoon. I was looking for a Larvaling for 2 hours. its miserable. Due to RNG you sometimes have a decent time, but when its bad, its demoralizing. I've made a proposal here, but there are many solutions. I think dividing into smaller weapon pools would work well.
  17. The "Arsenal Divide" can not be addressed with "on kill" effects. when the chips are down, so to speak, melee is king. If any fight is drawn out the guns just loose their efficacy, melee doesn't. You also didn't nerf melee enough. I don't want melee nerfed at all, but this was a token effort and I believe you stirred the pot for no reason at all.
  18. In my opinion the changes to Glaive Heavy attack wind-up from 0.6 to 1.2 was beyond excessive. If the goal was to help quick throw, and not to disincentivize the use of Heavy Attacks I think the number should be 0.8. Right now, fully modding to alleviate the high heavy attack wind up is not enough to make it comfortable, it take just a bit too long to get the glaive out and dealing damage, its hard to be reactive and nimble with it, I miss that a lot. Its become too deliberate and its a shame.
  19. TYPE: In-game DESCRIPTION: Tenet Weapons for Sisters are not visible/ not able to be entitled with Father/Vilcor or Ticker. VISUAL: none REPRODUCTION: In description. EXPECTED RESULT: Any Primary or Secondary weapon should be available to be entitled. OBSERVED RESULT: Tennet Weapons are missing from the list. REPRODUCTION RATE: 100%
  20. fixed, not mentioned on the hotfix, but its fine now.
  21. not mentioned here @[DE]Megan, but there was an issue with silencer mods that has now been fixed as well.
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