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  1. Been a bit busy but I'm catching up, I'm a bit rusty but I can't wait to do more of these prompts! (All caught up!) I've been having a lot of fun, haven't had that much time but this has helped me a lot since I can't draw people all that well 😛 Day 1: Ring - Gara "A dangerous Warframe, With a halo of glass and heart of steel. It's as if the gods sculpted her our of the finest of wares." Day 2: Mindless - Excalibur and Kavat-san. Wanted to take a less serious take on this one. Day 3: Bait - Norg Day 4: Freeze - Orb Vallis I tried laying off the smooth lines, I really like the simplicity of this! Day 5: Build - Zuud Goin' for a sketchy vibe, didn't go so well ._. Day 6: Husky - Tyl Regor Need to redo. Day 7: Enchanted - Titania Day 8: Frail - Kavat Day 9: Swing - Clem Day 10: Pattern - Nekros Prime "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." this ended up being an entire painting, aghh! but anything for my warframe husband x_x Day 11: Frost Harka boop. Day 12: Dragon - Wyrm Prime (90% More Dragon!) Day 13: Ash - Mad Burnish (Ember) "Stoke the flames of justice and for all who cannot defend themselves." Wanted to do a Promare themed sketch for this one, I love the idea of Ember having a more "fire mech" look. Alt Colors: Day 14: Overgrown - Oberon Day 15: Legend - John Prodman "Fame isn't all that you make it. Especially for a beefcake like you Proddy-boy." Day 16: Wild - Kubrow
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