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  1. I specified there are 4 warframe riven slots, as in one for each ability. HP etc. would be tied to the build-a-frame like it is with MOA. Zaws are limited in scope as to what they can actually become. If you're concerned with them having made every non-zaw melee irrelevant that's simply not the case, and they've not stripped them of their uniqueness either. Gram, Paracesis, Atterax, Scoliac, Redeemer, any sword + shield, any syndicate melee, any augmented melee, Skiajati, Scindo, Hirudo, any glaive, etc. The only weapons which really got taken out by zaws were polearms, and even then Guandao and Tipedo (especially with prime) are still pretty damn solid polearms which would only be slightly worse than the plague polearms while looking better if you're concerned the with aesthetics of a weapon which you can hide when holstered. And it's not like they don't bother making weapons, they've made some amazing melee weapons since zaws were released, many of which I use in place of a zaw given their riven dispositions are higher and some are very fun to use like the Falcor and the Redeemer Prime. But regardless, the melee zaws don't really have anything to do with this topic as a custom warframe would be far different than a custom stat stick. You could choose stats, abilities and appearance, with appearance not being tied to stats or abilities.
  2. Well there are only 4 stats for the warframe rivens to take total so it's far more likely to be useful in very few rolls. Plus I said the rivens would drop from a boss so you could just farm rivens until you got a few that would work as a cohesive build, and the materials to reroll it could drop from the same boss. As far as Zaws go, I don't really get that criticism? Worst implemented how? You get to choose the stats on your weapon and the trigger/stance so it works for the '4fun' players to try out weird builds and the min-maxers to create a weapon which synergizes well with a planned build. Zaw warframes would just allow for more build-crafting and variable play-styles. The only painful part of zaws was getting the standing and sometimes the materials, but Fortuna improved the standing/material grind a lot.
  3. There are a number of recurring requests and otherwise very popular concepts among the warframe community to my understanding. To name a few relevant to this topic: Zawframes Warframe rivens (or something similar to it) Male/female frame variants A use for some of the insane rivens we have More umbral warframes A better boss-fighting experience Operator melee / more advanced combat With the future Tau content on the way, DE could use the opportunity of a new Tau system to neatly and realistically satisfy all these points in a way such that it would create a new endgame for those that have been comfortably able to deal with any content thus far, while also not risking making all content before the Tau system irrelevant through power creep. New Systems: Build-a-Frame Warframe Rivens General Tau System... Systems Kiddo Melee / Kiddo Mission Bosses
  4. The Dark Light combo for shields doesn't work above 1.6 attack speed.
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