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  1. This is disastrous i spent 156 rolls of kuva on my personal rubico riven just to get some decent stats, and now i am all sad, i think i will take a break from the game 😞
  2. Me interesa unirme *Clan: - Heraldos Del Vacio - *Tipo: Sombra R09 *Fundador: -x-5P1T.F1R3-x-
  3. howl all you want it won't bring pay to sleep back
  4. Dear DE, can we pls have more platinum cosmetics? tennogen is nice, but i have all this plat and don't know what to do with it.
  5. Thank you very much for the Revenant revision! now he is my main frame in the amazing game, just one little thing: after using Dance Macabre the toggleable sprint key resets every time and that dont hapen whit other frames, appreciate it if it could be fixed in future updates, thank you again!
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