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  1. 12 hours ago, N64Gamefreak said:

    Well, I've encountered one of the most infuriating glitches yet.

    • TYPE: Mission
    • DESCRIPTION: I was a client in a Kuva Survival mission (Public mode) using Octavia, which was also a Requiem Fissure mission.  A couple of minutes in, I lost almost all control input: I couldn't use any weapons or abilities (including Operator), I couldn't sprint, jump, crouch, or bullet jump, I couldn't kill myself with X after getting downed (a squadmate revived me the first time), and I couldn't even bring up the goddamn chat to try /unstuck.  Jumping into a pit did nothing either.  I was able to enter and exit the Esc menu, but that didn't fix it.  All I could do was jog around with WASD: functionality was only restored after bleeding out (a second time) and dying.
    • VISUAL: None
    • REPRODUCTION: See EE.log under support ID #2125832.
    • EXPECTED RESULT: When I press E, I should be attacking with my melee.  When I click LMB, I should shoot my weapon.  When I hold LShift, I should be sprinting.  When I hold crouch and jump, I should be able to bullet jump.  When I press T, I should be able to pull up the damned chat menu.
    • OBSERVED RESULT: Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing, and nothing.  If I tried to use the melee, the melee would be equipped, but nothing happened.  If I tried to fire my Kuva Ogris, the Kuva Ogris would then be equipped, but it again did nothing. 
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: I hope I never encounter this goddamn glitch again.

    Had this bug happening wayyyyyyyy too many times during Scarlet Spear.
    It would happen randomly at times, but in certain situations, it would happen after I boarded the Murex after spamming [Spacebar] to skip the animation of going into the Murex.

    Same exact issues as you listed. To use the chat I was forced to press [Esc] and then manually click on the Chat Window because [T] wasn't working.

    It happened frequently when trying to Void Dash and switching quickly back to my Warframe

    • Like 1
    • TYPE: [In-Game]
    • DESCRIPTION: [Revenant's Danse Macabre once casted cannot be stopped (unless no energy/Nullifier/going out of bounds)]
    • VISUAL: [N/A]
    • REPRODUCTION: [Sadly I can only suggest using Revenant's 4. It has happened around 9-10% of the times I casted it]
    • EXPECTED RESULT: [I should've been able to stop my Danse Macrabre by pressing 4 or switching to operator]
    • OBSERVED RESULT: [Changing weapons, going to operator, accessing the gear wheel, using any ability, picking up items, activating life support modules, command specters... any action was not possible. I could only watch my Revenant perform his Danse Macabre and move him around]
    • REPRODUCTION RATE: [Based on my experience it has happened roughly 9-10% of the times I casted this ability]

    His 4th ability, Danse Macabre, we all know what it does, but recently it started "locking" him in that pose, costantly consuming energy and not being able to do anything.
    This is not a new bug, as it was already reported other times, such as:


    It last happened 10 minutes ago. I was at around 77 minutes in a long solo Arbitration survival (what was going to be a long survival at least...) on a Corpus tileset vs Corpus units, I was low on life support and I used my 4 in a group of enemies with full energy, used my 3 to move away near a ledge and I got stuck in my 4. I had too much efficiency on my build to consume enough energy with my 4 even when boosted to be able to finish my energy and activate the life support pod. This has lead to me having to quit the mission after reaching 0% Life support remaining.

    I'm just stuck in my 4 until my energy runs out or I meet a Nullifier. I cannot pick up items, activate life support modules, command specters, can't cast his 3, Reave,, or any of his abilities, switching to operator...I literally cannot do anything, I'm just stuck in his 4.

    Based on other reports, it happens when I'm using my Danse Macabre and press 3 (Reave) near a ledge or something that would cause my Warframe to climb it, locking me in my 4 until energy runs out/Nullifier bubble/going out of bounds (which cannot be done in certain tilesets).

    My loadout the last time experienced this bug was
    - Revenant (no Augments)
    - Kuva Chakkur
    - Kuva Brakk
    - Kronen Prime
    - Djiin
    - Vulklok
    I was using an Excalibur Umbra Vapor Specter, a Corrupted Lancer Specter, a MOA Specter.

    If I can help in some other way please let me know.

  2. Thank lord i'm not the only one with this issue, I seriously thought I got banned or something like that;, can't log in either.
    I was in Baro's shop and couldn't buy anything at all.

    I can't even log into warframe.com
    Is it because I wrote "Primed I M P A C T" DE?

  3. Riven mods not displaying the right stats when applied to the weapon

    I got pretty unlucky with my Catchmoon riven and had something like 26% reload speed and 70% crit chance (great roll btw).
    Today I was in region chat and we were talking about some nerfs. Of course Catchmoon's came up and someone suggested some mods to "fix" it. That's not the point of this post.
    I checked out my dusty Catchmoon today and wanted to re-roll it. To my surprise the stats were FAR higher than last time.

    +52% Reload Speed
    +145,3% Crit Chance

    This are not (sadly) my old riven stats.
    ^Base Crit Chance and Reload Speed^
    35% C.Chance
    1.3 s Reload

    In fact when I applied it to my gun this was the result

    ^C.Chance & Reload Speed with Riven^
    35% + "146,3%" = roughly 86% C.Chance
    1.3 + "52%" = roughly 0.6 s

    Actual result ->  +73% C.Chance and +26% Reload speed.

    For as much as I wish those numbers were true (or higher) the riven didn't get those results.

    If you guys wanna change the game to align with what my riven says I'd be more than glad to receive that change, but I guess it's too good to be true and I need more Kuva, don't I?

    My other rivens don't seem to have this problem, my Plague-Kripath riven is showing the right stats, just my Catchmoon

  4. I have an issue that has yet to be fixed regarding Octavia.

    For some reason everytime I add a new song to my current Mandachord list, after saving, reloading the song and saving again, the song won't be applied in missions.

    For example, I have X song named "Darude Octaviastorm" as my current one. I see another one from the chat and decide to copy it, save this new song called "Kortal Mombat" and set it as the current song. I save and reload the Mandachord, I save again and go in Captura to see if the song that I selected IS the song I wanted.

    In Captura the latest song that I chose appears, I try all 4 abilities and it is indeed "Kortal Mombat".

    As I join a random mission right after the Captura session the song won't be the "latest" one I loaded, instead it'll be the base / default song.

    This doesn't happen all the time, but a good 40-50% of the time the latest song that I load isn't the one I get in game.

    This also happens if I haven't played Octavia in the current session.

    Let's say I start off with Nova and I switch to 2-3 different Warframes. If I pick Octavia and if I don't go through the process that I wrote above (and below in the TL:DR), the song that will be played will be the default one.

    This is especially frustrating when I see an Octavia +300 Power strength Arbitration and the song's always wrong.
    This has been going on for quite a bit, well over a year I'd say.


    Octavia songs do not update correctly, I'm forced to save, reload, save, reload and save again the same song to have the latest one in game; even then it won't be 100% guaranteed.

  5. Noticed a bug with the new Vasca Kavat
    At max rank its base health is 237 HP

    When I add Enhanced Vitality (maxed) (+200% Health) my Vasca's health goes up to 410


    237 HP + that 200% Health is definitely not 410, it's a rough 72% increase in HP.

    The correct value should be 711
    Same goes for shields. Base shield is 210


    If I add Enhanced Durability (This one in particular isn't maxed, reaches only 200% Shield Capacity) it goes up to 350


    Again, 210 Shield + 200% is not 350, it should be 630.

    As it is right now instead of getting the full +200% bonus we only get a 66,6 % increase.

    I have yet to test if other companions are afflicted by this

    I tried reloading the game multiple times, the results are always the same.


    Edit: I'm dumb, they scale off the base health / shields, not max rank.

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