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  1. I recently hit rank 30 with Nightwave, fullfilling about 60% easier tasks. When I look backwards I don't feel satisfied at all, for me the best rewards were Nitain + Kuva. Armor is ugly, I don't know where to stick Umbral forma. After finishing NW, I finally played my own tasks over last days: first Eidolon hunt, first Profit taker, finish finally all star chart nodes (Kuva fortress), last unfinished quest Glast gambit. And I enjoyed that freedom, just open startchart and do whatever I want in my casual way. I know now I won't be doing another Nightwave.. (I might if there are really cool rewards like Warframe skins, 100k Kuva, But I doubt they will be there.). And I hope there won't be another wolf+fugitives ruining my missions, excavators etc. NOTE: Eidolon/Profit taker was part of tasks but I did't have time(standings) because I was finishing easier tasks.. Also I'm in small clan and I also didn't want to make fake-friends..
  2. I have not problem with Nightwave, although not finishing all challenges (I recently hit rank 20), these are my suggestions. At the beginning I was happy to see Prisoners to get few extra standings. But after those weeks they annoy me. And I'm avoiding them all the time now, not capturing them at ALL! Moreover they started to ruin my missions.. destroying excavators (cryotic farming) and they interrupt open world activities (mining, fishing, conservation..) 1.) Add possibility to turn off spawn (I know this is not very probable..) 2.) Make next nightwave without spawns - do not spawn next Nightwave boss inside missions but create new mission/arena - maybe accessible after each 5 ranks, or after collecting some keys. 3.) Fix spawn rate of Wolf/Prisoners - Fix spawn rate at least in open world areas. When I avoid prisoners in Orb Vallis, they spawn again those 100+m away over and over. It really looks like the game is pushing them under my nose..I hoped when I capture them, I will get rid of them.. Unfurtunately they are back in few minutes.. - And maybe fix spawn rate of Wolf. Not completely RNG, but more consistent. Some players never met him, I personally 2-3 times when playing SOLO, never killed him (did him like 1% damage). And I'm avoiding him completely now. Maybe add higher probability when playing in group..
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