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  1. I like the fantasy of the CC/minion arch types in most games, so nyx is one of the frames i have wanted to love, but rarely play because frankly there are just better CC frames that have perma minion/s and do lots of damage, namely kora. Every thing you said about her bolts is right, it needs to scale in number of bolts fired with power strength or duration, something. I honestly wish they would rework her 4 into and ability that is more based on her fantasy and would improve her gameplay like, rename it too Assimilate, Nyx drains the neural energies of the foes around her fortifying her body, enemies effected by assimilate have their speed slowed by x% and regain full movement speed over x% nyx gains damage reduction of x% for each enemy assimilated. This would be a duration based buff, so you dont have to just sit and channel. Now you can scale this ability with power strength or range, range/low power requires more targets to reach max damage reduction. Power builds with shorter range require less targets to reach the damage reduction. Maybe add a fun mechanic to assimilate that works like nidus and his virulence where as you drain enemies you gain more power for your mind control and its duration is increased the more stacks you have but they decay over x amount of time. There are a lot of cool things they could change to make her more adaptive to the current game, and more fun to play. The build i run with her is just 140ish power strength build and i just spam pacifying bolts for the stun and 100% stripping power and then just cast 3 for control points. She is one of the frames along with ember that have a really cool Arch type that has way more potential then the actual frame
  2. Speed meta mentality is dominating almost every game i play atm, Its a modern expectation it seems. They really need to just add content to the game that makes the other "non" AoE frames shine. For instance, in arbitration i pretty much only take Gara. I dont think i have ever considered taking saryn a single time and i have most of my time played on her. Nidus, Inaros,Gara, and Garuda to just name a few have Literally insane survivability while also providing amazing utility/damage/CC of some kind. What you are seeing is the game itself has grown into speed min/max game because its main focus is farming. When other content that is less based on speed clearing and is centered around something else, more group CC/defensive builds and play styles will follow, until then nerfing Ember hasnt stopped low level map clearing it just moved other frames to the forefront. Will we nerf every frame until AoE is useless the game moves at a snails pace and your favorite frame is the best one?
  3. I have to admit i was pretty hype for wisp, but after the ability demonstration I cant help but feel there is a disconnect in the thematic design of her. The rotation of abilities on the one seems ok for defense /mobile defense/survival which is cool but i dont like the way they look at all. With her name being wisp and her look,i guess i would just expect something, lighter, more angelic looking. Her 2 and 3 seem fine, but that 4 i dont really play ember, but all thought was how every player waiting for ember buffs heart must have dropped. I also dont see how it works with her kits synergy. If you wanted to give her a nuke for the sake of giving her a nuke, i would have imagined something closer to Death prophets ult from Dota 2, not to name drop another game, but yea. Rest looked good, looking forward to future updates and streams, thanks!
  4. i have my own shadow clan that i built alone and have been playing pretty much strickly solo for 1700 hours played, it would be nice if the sortie elite weekly was just do it in a group. I dont really feel putting random people onto my friends list just to get credit for this. Thanks.
  5. nice changes these fix the 2 things i really wanted to see Targets you cast Spores on directly will always spread on death. Spores won't be removed by enemies going temporarily invulnerable because of void tears corrupting them. the decay changes are nice as well but these 2 were super annoying, Thanks for the continued effort :)
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