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  1. Magnetized Discharge - Magnetize Augment - Mag Include a passive benefit that increases power range for this Ability only since we have and augment that already works as a more reliable form of disarm in polarize, something fun and actually adding some more synergy to mag might be to have this augment do something like, when the target of magnetize is killed, it is crushed generating a magnetic field in an area around it, all enemies effected by pull around the bubble are pulled inside of it instead of being pulled towards mag. So what this would pretty much do is work almost like nidus's 2 but basicly you cast your magnetize the target dies, the bubble becomes empowered and when enemies around the bubble are effected by pull but not in the bubble within x range, they are instead slammed into the bubble.
  2. I have to admit i was pretty hype for wisp, but after the ability demonstration I cant help but feel there is a disconnect in the thematic design of her. The rotation of abilities on the one seems ok for defense /mobile defense/survival which is cool but i dont like the way they look at all. With her name being wisp and her look,i guess i would just expect something, lighter, more angelic looking. Her 2 and 3 seem fine, but that 4 i dont really play ember, but all thought was how every player waiting for ember buffs heart must have dropped. I also dont see how it works with her kits synergy. If you wanted to give her a nuke for the sake of giving her a nuke, i would have imagined something closer to Death prophets ult from Dota 2, not to name drop another game, but yea. Rest looked good, looking forward to future updates and streams, thanks!
  3. i have my own shadow clan that i built alone and have been playing pretty much strickly solo for 1700 hours played, it would be nice if the sortie elite weekly was just do it in a group. I dont really feel putting random people onto my friends list just to get credit for this. Thanks.
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