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  1. Well, here goes nothing (captura for background, image editing stuff for the text and whatnot).
  2. I'm pretty sure there aren't supposed to be two Equip buttons.
  3. I'd go with 4 cause you still have his length of hair thing, but then you have the front which will probably set off some trypophobes.
  4. Will kitguns include parts to make an opticor shotgun? An Arca Plasmicor? I'm sure it wouldn't be too OP.
  5. Reminder that they were only added to the void as a throwback to the old way of farming prime stuff as part of the most recent unvaulting.
  6. Can we not just have another 3 mode gun? Like the Tiberon prime, but this time a beam shotgun. 1st firing mode would be like the Teralyst's gun, with its sound effect, and high status (being burst, perhaps?). 2nd mode being Gantulyst's, it'd have that awesome sound effect and have a maybe more mixed stats/crit setup (lower status to maybe 25% but boost crit to at least 18%, and full auto ofc), and 3rd mode being the Hydrolyst's, semi auto but very high crit chance, and respectable status. I mean, maybe swap Teralyst/Hydrolyst firing mode stats and stuff to stop reskinning the Tiberon prime perhaps, but c'mon, the sound effects alone 😛
  7. And I didn't know that, nice 😛 Though, I'd say this is a longer- range type weapon despite the fall off, with sinister reach existing. Oh also, stauts/sec vs status/pellet, though that's just the arguement of how much status per click vs status a sec.
  8. I'm thinking they release it, realise how nice 39% status is at base, and nerf it in a hotfix.
  9. Well, I'll be busy farming the plat required for this lovely bundle.
  10. Well, time to farm plat for that lovely Nidus deluxe skin. Or, well, did you make the eyes move? Please say yes.
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