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  1. Did they say NEW WARFRAME is going to be revealed definitely looking forward to that
  2. That is a new skin thats ember deluxe skin that not a new warframe the deluxe will sometimes look a bit different from the pics imo
  3. Just looked it up definitely ember deluxe skin also that skin is beautiful cant wait to see it in game 🙂
  4. I was wondering is that a new frame or ember deluxe or a new titanic skin just 🤔
  5. Nekros: oh crap he's coming Sevagoth: hello Nekros: oooh haaay Also thanks for the update
  6. and also when will void fissures be fixed iv been waiting for a fix if you play the missions your selves you know what im talking about farming for void fissures is broken i only obtain void fissures though relics that's it even before unlocking relic i don't obtain any void fissures i only obtain void fissures when unlocking a relic that's it please it need to be fixed the void fissure missions are getting more and more broken each update after another im hoping for a fix -_-
  7. i too wanted octavia 4 disco effect on her 4 but and how her mallet was show in the trailer to now they both look the same like the old octavia that trailer was very deceptive and had the nerv to show gamplay of it at that when we actually play her it not there but the roller T-T
  8. hello de the fisure missions are broken it wont let me obtain fisures after defeating enemys including using relics relics are the olny ones i obtain fisures but arter defeating enemys i dont obtain fisures im going to hope for a fix :(
  9. since the wings are going to be visably reduce 90% of the time and i hate film grain its REALY UGLY so at this very point just remove them to be invisible its better that way film grains wont be soo ugly thats just my opinion i wish this change would be a togle i can see the enemys right in front of me im fine with my veiw with full wings but i guess whats done is done and nothing wont change and in the end its just my meaningless opinion to bad i wont see my wings 90% of the time o well :(
  10. hello again i hade another idea since the upcoming content will have void storms if posible you can make an effect for railjack when in rail jack make the ship take alittle damage and make turbulance inside railjack like make it the longer railjack stays in the void storm (the most dangerest parts of the storms) the more damage railjack will take also this will open up new avionics mods like railjack taking less from void storms and another avionics mod like railjack having reduced turbulance that will be something interesting to see 🙂
  11. ooo i had another idea that came up in my head for 8 player modes if possible what if you can make another ship soly for 8 player it would be just enough size not too big to have that would be a very interesting although railjack probably is already big enough to support 8 player i think if im wrong not very sure
  12. hello i have some ideas for railjack 1 take all ship missions and archwing missions and merge them into rail jack it would make since like one mission i was in a grenier galleon ship and it was like i was in a regular mission which was cool and it can support a 8 player mission capability that would be nice 2 add a feature were in railjack other tennos can summon there ownship to extract like make it were they can leave and not forcing the leader to go back to the dojo when they don't want too after all we do have 2 ships now lol 3 make arsenals available in railjack but w
  13. Can we please get a fix for shaders and particul effect also enemys in steel path needs a nerf there armor shield end heath goes beyond the max damage these warframe can go if I'm wrong iv put max damage on my warframes and they are not enough even for survival missions the steel pathl makes all my builds worthless 😑 other than that thanks for night wave intermission I can finally get that cool ephemera :)
  14. thanks for the updaate also pleeese can we have energy consumtion removed of of chromas 4 ability having duration would be better we already have to keep consuming energy just keep his 3 ability and second i know that it might never happen but its worth saying i wish these frames get some love and i know the chances of you reading my comment could be a never just me pointing out some things and also can we pleease get a sepperite slot for warframe augments mods its really destroying the build having to take away a mod just to put the augments mods in is just irritating though i think that w
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