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    Fortuna Hunting/Fishing Bug

    So I usually play with a friend and we've noticed that if you are not the hosting party it does not allow you to catch the fish in Fortuna. You can nail the execution, but it never actually gives you the fish. As with hunting, he had lost a trail, but once I reached the area the trail showed on my screen and I could perform the call. The creatures appeared for me but not for him even though Biz announced on his laptop "Oh it's a ~~~~. Stay down wind." I was able to capture, as the jumped out right in front of us, but t hey never even appeared for him (the host). So he could fish, I could hunt, and we could do absolutely nothing together. Kind of killed the Warframe experience to be honest and we've been playing daily for a long time. Super excited for Fortuna, hopefully the bugs get worked out soon.