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  1. Finally figured out how to post images into the forum directly😄. Anyways here's the Zekoth Fishing Spear, enjoy.
  2. Hey everyone, finally have an update regarding the sentient jellyfish A.K.A The Aralyst. Here's the Link to the close color match stage, figured it would be good to see if anyone had suggestions for changing the color as well as finally putting out an update. Apologies on the radio silence but both my computer and the 3d software i'm using are giving me a hard time lately, plus... life. also if anyone has recommendations for common materials to try and replicate the tan and red section's texture that all Sentient's have please let me know.
  3. Well i've made significant progress on the Aralyst. i've decided to make the closest model for each enemy, fish, etc. until my computer can handle higher levels of detail. here's the Link i'm in the middle of creating a low-poly model but figured seeing as how i'm potentially going to animate what's possible i'd see what suggestions for how it should move which in turn will affect how the low-poly model is directed. i'll hold off for a few days to allow as many suggestions as possible to gather.
  4. Well I've made even more progress which was difficult due to my computer's current limitations and here is the current state of it. Link
  5. Hello all, with AlmightyJado's permission I have begun to make 3d models of the various resources, fishes, enemies, and anything else I can manage. So throughout the process I'll post links to screenshots of the in-progress or completed works. So here's the first in-progress link. for clarification of the models aim, it's supposed to be the ramparts base.
  6. Well might as well try this contest out. Follow and read links in order. 1: https://imgur.com/O06EjKO 2: https://imgur.com/zsuqgpS 3: https://imgur.com/U5ZwLVD 4: https://imgur.com/heTDDhI
  7. https://imgur.com/a/KaFINCG this is the text that describes my entry.
  8. i was thinking about contacting him about implementing Baphomet into my concept. as for your idea go ahead and post it in my thread and i'll see what i can do. as part of the title says feel free to help, i am always eager for any and all help i can get no problem.
  9. i just had a thought regarding the connection of the matagi and my open-world concept. i was thinking that Sudek has been hunting down Tiamat, my open-world concept antagonist, for a couple centuries only to walk into a trap each time she gets close to killing Tiamat. that would give the matagi more than enough reason to head to Eris while also giving an interesting form of conflict. also the field bosses that i intend on basing somewhat after the monsters that remained loyal to Tiamat could be of at least Seijin level.
  10. yeah but i don't see any planets close enough that could feature the infested.
  11. i'm actually about to post a sort of proper open-world concept for Eris with the infested being the faction that inhabits it and this would work rather closely as the sort of quill group for the town of Haven (town connected to open-world on Eris). it should be ready for me to post it in the next few hours.
  12. terribly sorry this is my first time sharing such a link and i had no idea thank you for letting me know.
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