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  1. From 275 to 300 where is the problem?
  2. Iron skin is affected by armor
  3. Ok here is some stats Rhino with my build has 804,375 armor. With 300 armor he will has 877,5 it changes so much
  4. It hurts. But my umbra is strongest
  5. Because prime and basic variant will be too much similar, I like the sensation when you usually play basic rhino and you get prime varinat and feel the differences. Sorry for my bad English.
  6. Do you have Excalibur Prime?
  7. Ok you won 200 armor for basic rhino
  8. Because if you want the strong version of rhino go farm it. And nobody uses basic version of Warframe that have a prime variant
  9. Because of basic rhino should still weak
  10. I know but when all mods are based on percentage and all abilities are based in multiplayer 25 armor will help
  11. I think Rhino should have 300 armor. Everything will work better
  12. Rhino should have 300 armor. He's a tank-buffer and many others frames that aren't tank have 300 armor
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