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  1. Problem solved. I found this on the wiki: If the player tries to rush through the map and ignore enemies along the way, the ignored enemies will start sprinting toward the extraction zone.
  2. Is it a bug when the enemies(in exterminate) go towards extraction when i scan them?
  3. Behold the following ban on @ChaoticEdge
  4. Since the recent update came out,i have problems with scanning the enemies for cephalon simaris,idk. if it applies to for the normal scanner,but it appears that the half of the enemies on the map are already scanned and i didnt scanned them. Some of them stand like they alerted and some are normal, here are some pictures: https://imgur.com/a/HzmAH0H
  5. You are probably right about the 4x4 thing,but i also never said that u have to do 15 waves of the high index,im just showing how to do it. I did said that i wanted to know how far the build can go, but that i couldnt find people that wanted to go past 15 waves. Misstakes are made,but yea i really wanted the prodman and i wanted to know how far the build can go.
  6. Yea i did messed up one letter. But i also dont think Gas on the Staticor is better than Viral on the Staticor against infested. Because, 50% less hp is a lot more than 75% 50% increased damage. Edit:Apperently Gas is better i just tested it
  7. I shall ban 874 pages of this forum game. Plus,ill ban everyone above me.
  8. Here is a Full Detailed Guide for Mirage and the High Index: https://imgur.com/gallery/PMKMWD7
  9. Every time when i use staticor on mirage, it doesnt seem to register my damage output. here are few examples: https://imgur.com/XZeLodg https://imgur.com/a9H5k1l
  10. Banned for 0.0000000000000000...01 Yoctoseconds.
  11. Todd Howard banned u bcs. it just works.
  12. You are banned bcs. i can ban you.
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