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  1. I'm gonna keep posting this until its resolved. The End of Mission screen no longer shows the total amount of focus you have in each pool when you earn focus during a mission. Why remove information from players?
  2. The end of mission screen is STILL not showing the total amount of focus you have. When you earn focus from a mission the EoM screen use'd to show this information. Please make sure it does so again
  3. I don't know if this has been mentioned, but the end of mission screen somehow got even worse. It no longer shows the total focus you have in each school when you earn focus at the end. Before: https://imgur.com/TU2NzUY After https://imgur.com/8DhdZcj Apologies for the image links, could not get the images to show up.
  4. Please revert the changes to the end of mission UI, or at least add an option to toggle back to the old, useful, UI. The new UI is worse in literally every way, with one exception: the transition between mission and orbiter is far smoother. I will give it that. Otherwise, the new UI doesn't show nearly the amount of information as the old one, nor as concisely. The stats are on an entirely different page, the rewards / loot are all over the place, and seemingly sorted at random, regardless of chosen sort option, which must be re-selected every time and the affinity section is opaque and virt
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