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  1. if anyone wants to create a video about this, i allow it as soon as you credit me 🙂
  2. renamed the description and some abilities, i hope this concern is lifted 🙂
  3. This was a topic 2 years ago, and I started it, but it is already archived, for the THIRD time, so here is the fourth thread... w/ changes! Many players here in Warframe do have such a common type. But, some of them may become rare. Idk why tho, but let's discuss this, shall we? Based on Nature of Players: The Noob - troublemakers and do not know how to do this and that... it may seem annoying, but for me, it's a great opportunity to help them. The New Student - the "doesn't know everything", but has great opportunities ahead The Transfer Student - the one who knows some, but not all. Doesn't need teachers at first run The Sampler - the reviewers of the game; game critics, who doesn't care what happen in the game as long as they enjoy it Of course, you cannot help them if you're not... The Teacher - like The Librarian but during the battle. The coach perhaps. The Berserker - veterans who always rages or very aggressive play style, Hot-heads in Warframe, actually. Based on Battle Play style: The Caster - welcome to the wizardly "solar system" of Warframe, where these Tennos usually cast abilities to kill enemies. The Archer - they seemed to be rare though, but I am one of them. They often use the standard bow as their signature primary weapon to kill enemies. The "rare archers" are the headshooters, where they often kill enemies with headshots. They are really good at tactics and survival though. Sometimes, uses light melee weapons in case of trouble. A.k.a "The Ghost / The Hunter" Round Table - the melee people. Often use melee weapons. They have 2 classes: Knight - heavy weapon-wielder Rogue - swords, daggers, staff, light weapons The Boomer - Name all of explosive weapons. Lenz? Phantasma? Arca Plasmor? They usually equip with the big bad primary weapons (or small but explosive secondary weapons). The Normal Ones - they are the "jack-of-all-trades" in using any weapons... well. The Summoner - known for deploying clones, necromancy, and CLEM! The Headhunter - the headshot guys... some of them can be annoying Gilgamesh - in his epic, he is very adaptive... well, at least with Enkidu... so, this type of player are seriously adaptive and strategic, who knows how to play well. For example, when he is trapped by crowd, he may swing a heavy weapon or just use his abilities. If the foe is far, he will just use a range weapon. Very adaptive and smart. Almost similar to Archers, but very smart. Descendants of Destiny / COD - whenever they took primary weapons, they feel like they are now in FPS games... well, often use primary and secondary weapons Based on Class Style: The Flash - the quick killers, quick runners, quick at everything. They are good at dodging things. The Tank - a type of supporter who is the "Tank"... you know what I mean? They often guards everyone with shields. Also, the useful frontliner. The Guardian Angel - the supporters who always supports. I know that there's a specific frame for those but they are usually them. They sometimes have pets, too. Normally, the healers. The Time Mage - also known as the illusionist. Sometimes, Gara, sometimes Mirage, or Loki. Like the Caster, except they build up illusions, protection, and traps. The Black Mage - The map destroyer, who tends to create destruction with abilities. One of the Caster's type. Based on Map Behavior: Treasure Hunter - a.k.a "Looters / Farmers". Always explore maps to see chests before attacking Mad Genius - a tactical player who also solves ciphers quickly. I could be one of them, though. The Pusher - they are more on completing the quest than attacking anyone. The Vendetta - known for making silent kills, equipping silenced weapons. Good in Spy missions. The "Beguiling" - known for making noises, attracting enemies, and a bit of aggressive in play style. Often fails at Spy missions. Tour Guides - the pointer of locations and treasures, even special enemies Based on Community Behavior: Fortnite Tenno / Emotenno - whenever you kill anyone at Fortnite, you go boogie. Well, this thing still exists here. They usually do whatever they want when they are at the extraction point while waiting for others (e.g. Spending MP for casting abilities even though it's unnecessary, dancing, or placing some "chill" music if you are Octavia) Tenno Runway Participant / Tenno's Next Top Model - the fashionistas of Warframe. They usually spend on cosmetics to have a good looking frame. They sometimes show-off their fashion at public areas (e.g. Cetus, Relays, Fortuna, Bazaar). The Entrepreneur - yes, that's right. Traders! The Architect - known for decorating SO MUCH in dojo or orbiter. If Cinderalla's dojo is worn out, the tenno godfathers / godmothers will bibbidi-bobbidi-boo'ed everything. The Rumpelstiltskin - known for doing CAPITALISM in in Warframe, also known for making deals like helping things for a price. The "Rumorer" - this is your chatterbox in region chat. They spend time chatting than playing. Based on Clans/Squads: The Manager - bossy at clans, always leads, well... can be seen at Squads and Clans. Counter of The Librarian The Librarian - this is helpful to the clans or squads. They often help or give info of each thing they asked. They even spread some news like "Baro is Here!" or "There's a contest!" The Camper - the one who do nothing in the clan The Househelper - the one who contributes in the clan The Joker - The one that makes the clan/squad interesting or happy and joyful Based on Experience: The Lone Ranger - feels better at solo... hates having squad The "Archipelago" - Known for having squads in the mission The Roulette Victim - okay, gonna explain this. Matchmaking is random, and sometimes, you want to do it yourself, but instead, you find yourself in the squad. Then, sometimes, they stole things. The Fate Twister - the one who steals things from players (ex. kills, Kuva Lich, Simaris Scan killing) The Stalkers - random invites, knowing infos on their clan mates. Maybe they can be rude. So which one is your type? Let me know in the comments below.
  4. This is inspired from Arabian Warriors, and Gilgamesh from Fate series. Armor: 130 Health: 200 Shield: 70 Energy: 100 Sprint Speed: 1.05 Hope you like it 🙂
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