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  1. Thanks for the fix on the unintended damage. It cost me 2 or 3 bounties.
  2. These are all nice changes and I'm glad you considered one of mine! I still feel Xata's whisper should do something else besides adding Void damage to my guns only. I feel either giving the buff to teammates or having it apply to the guns stolen from Grasp of Lohk could be a good idea. As it is, I replaced it with Grendel's Nourished Strike. Toxin damage is generally more appreciated, it can be shared with the team AND it heals me. This helps a bit with Xaku's survivability, but doesn't solve the problem. Evasion is fine, but in higher levels (Sorties and whatnot) it means that 2 lucky sh
  3. I've been testing Xaku 2.0 and I really like them! I do have a couple of suggestions: . With the added effect of The Vast Untime pausing the timers of other abilities, there's more emphasis on keeping all of them up. This means that Deny has little to no time to act on an enemy when they're getting shot at by the guns from Grasp of Lohk. Even with the firing time reduced. I believe it would be cool if we're allowed to fire it at the ground instead, leaving an AOE that procs something (fire? radiation?) meaning that enemies can't step into that zone, thus denying them access. See what I di
  4. My main concern with this is that a lot of players will feel even more overwhelmed than usual. MR 8 is not that hard to achieve, but what IS hard is understanding abilities and synergies and all that. Dropping another system to understand will mostly make people confused and it might cause them to lose interest. If you had dropped this on me while I was trying to wrap my head around the Lore, getting ready for the index, how to open a relic, trading, Equinox, Eidolons, Primes and Focus I would have said "this is too much homework, I'm leaving."
  5. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission
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