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  1. I like to use health conversion with squishy frames. As long as you have an ability to create drops you usually have those extra 3x450 armour pineapple chunks floating around you (mags pull, nekros desecrate, hydroid tentacles, nezha chakram, synth mod). I prefer that over adaptation as its topped up by pickups of health rather than taking damage. Combine that with the boosted shields from mags 4 and her shield refill from her 3. You can block off sections with your magnetize then fill the bubble with your explosive/gas or punch through shots (depending on the enemy) for instant enemy deletion.
  2. If I remeber the dev stream in question the kuva scythe was also one handed, it was probably agreed the model looked alot better larger and two handed (which it does) and it fits the hammer stances more than the scythe ones anyway.
  3. Id say a ryzen 5 system. The 3500u chip allows gaming at a console standard. (runs gta v and witcher 3 pretty much the same as console so should be fine for warframe). In the UK systems with the 3500u go for around £450 new.
  4. ive had this on pc since my 2nd lich (first day on pc old blood)... i cannot get lichlings to spawn by myself. i have to "steal" them from public groups with others who have them available to spawn.
  5. Natah is not the lotus. the lotus imagery is tied to the orokin and the warframe project. natah just took the appearance of our controller, and the name was the easiest to grab from our tenno's shared mnemonic/akashic record. which allowed for her easy infiltration and subterfuge now none of what i have said is 100% official, other than natah not being marguilis. however there is enough history in the development of dark sector and eventually warframe to suggest that the lotus was the name of the overall project, rather than a single figure. quick example, vandal weapons have louts imagery, tenno gear in dojo has a specific orokin lotus theme, the original dark sector demo used the lotus as the symbols for the warframes and their faction, dark sector released game has the lotus imagery, while not canon it is kind of tied to the infested with excal and nyx being included in the game. gifts of the lotus are tenno rewards. simple.
  6. I really like the idea of a tanky hydroid, with his passive being on slam attack it makes sense especially with the new melee system. Maybe have it so it kicks in on heavy attack also? I'd take away the charge on his 1 and have it kind of like Oberon smite, in that it splashes in an aoe around the target, auto locking with a smaller range than smite, duration controlling secondary splash point numbers. Rather than a duration based knock down splash zone. His 2 I kind of like, it's just a little hard to implement, maybe if it was not a pinball mechanic... He's water... Hitting a wall should not stop the tidal surge unless its a head on strike.... Let him coast along walls and drag enemies in as he passes. The 3, I love the defensive aspect but hate the slow pace. Even when using 2 to move it feels random at times. What if his 3 could be made to work similar to ember/vauban with a dual use skill. A tap of the skill adds a torrent around hydroid, reducing damage taken from projectiles and increasing melee speed (similar to zephyr but with a lower damage reduction cap than ember with scale similar to embers burn meter) And a hold of 3 (fresh cast or during torrent) causes the puddle with a small (range controlled) aoe if torrent is active, reduced duration of puddle if cast during torrent... Have it as a panic button and/or a way to dump your torrent scale. As for his gribbly tentacle boi 4... Take away the charge and add an area of loot increase rather than tentacle kill specific drop to the augment (have the area swirl with water but still keep a central focus to allow CC) I can't see anyway to make hydroid as a mobile loot boi like nekros.
  7. I just want mele lock on to be fixed, and the mapping for controllers to allow roll to be separated from archwing down.... Who thought that was a good idea? Really? And I've tried remapping manually, it doesn't seem to work for me for some reason it always just locks roll and archwing down to the same button.
  8. Volt has good skins? I mean faven did an awesome job with the graxx but it still suffers from the fact that volts mesh is.... Well.. Crap. I've always seen the antennas... Its kind of his thing... Normal volt has the induction coils and the proto is a van der graff/tesla tower.
  9. Well I have a theory, had it a while now. With the sacrifice quest showing us that warframes do not have to have a tenno, given their method of creation. We can assume stalker could well be a raw version of excal, maybe even a trained dax meant to be security against the tenno rebellion. That would explain his hatred towards our void demons. Given the time he has existed if he was a hold over from the warframe (lotus) project prior to tenno, or during tenno use, he could have forgotten his purpose and he along with his acolytes took on their emotions as their default setting. Becoming fully that aspect. Also note the stalker sigil is very close to the lotus symbol, linked but not the same. *side note on the lotus project. I have a theory that the warframe project to combat the sentient crisis was originally codenamed the lotus project, given that everything warframe, later tenno related has the lotus symbology, and given the dark sector game warframe came from having the lotus symbology also (I mean the demo not just the shipped game). This ties in with natah taking control of the tenno to destroy the orokin from the inside. Her arrogance (as her father and mother also show) led her to take on the name of the entire project rather than simply marguilis. Another note on the lotus symbology. The lotus represents enlightenment, as its petals emerge unstained and beautiful despite coming from the muck below. Our warframes, become beautiful killing machines, despite being rooted in the filth and corruption of helminth. Also with a transcended child projecting their essence across the universe in control.... It totally fits.
  10. Allies can dash to leave banished state, and walk out of cataclysm bubble... I dont see the issue there. As others have stated its rift surge that causes issues with the spreading of banish on kill. Its fine if you are in the bubble... But for folk who don't know... Then they complain. If limbo could banish allies from inside the bubble that could help, but seems counter productive. Limbos issues are tied to the bad limbo players of old and ignorance of his abilities by others.
  11. You'd think kirk hammett was in this thread with all the "wah wah" going on. 😂😂😂 The thing I'd like to see changed... Is a fix to the bug stopping me spawning larvalings... 🤷‍♂️ Its all fine and well saying you have all had multiple dupe rewards... Try not even being able to spawn the damn things without stealing them from pick up games. Though I would like a trophy system with your encountered lichs, especially the sassy or trollish ones. (I hate that the one my dubba stubba came with was a sarcastic SOAB, I wanted to convert him so bad... But dubba stubba had to be taken).
  12. Ok so I saw those little upgrade slots in the segments of the orbiter Post update. I'm missing some... I'm pretty sure I have all available upgrades (I could be wrong) but from what I'm seeing, arsenal has one slot left, pet has some slot left and mid station also has an open slot. I didn't grab a pic as I'm on mobile amd no one wants to see a photo of screen. But the sockets are clearly visible, arsenal to the left of the main alcove waist height, pet to the right of the main door chest height and mid slot on right to the side of the machine. A nice graphical touch I must say... But intruiged as to possible upgrades in future.
  13. Stallord has a post in the fan art section (I remeber seeing it a whole back) with a decent comparison drawing between warframe and sentient scales. The biggest being hunhow (as brood/mother ship hadn't been seen at this point). I'm trying to find it and I'll edit with a link when I do
  14. Right, you guys know that you don't have to stabbthw lich for it to leave now right? I get slova being a tool to stop the 3x down = self yeet of the lich. But some people still are complaining that people are ignoring liches. It takes like 20 seconds with no slova to self yeet a lich now.
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