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  1. not even his deluxe? i cant even play little nezha without it. the whole post stroke ET/mac and me alien look to him without the deluxe mesh is just weird.
  2. As a controller user on pc... We have universal blink... Neh Neh 😜 It will just be a pathing thing with the static nature of console controller options. Give them time to actually program the game down to console level. You gotta remeber the jaguar architecture the ps4 and xb1 runs on is a decade old.... Anyone with a pc that old knows they are running on a potato or toaster... I am one of them 😂 with a 2013 i5 z77 motherboard but with a stryx rx580 😁
  3. to be honest i dont give a damn about any links, i played dark sector when it came out, enjoyed it and ive played warframe solidly since april last year (i played back when it first came out on steam, but it wasnt the same game as it is now). i see the links between the games, the iconography, the weapons the original frames, the infection/infestation that turns flesh into a weaonised suit. to me its all one continuity, the times of both games worlds are so far apart that it isnt even a matter of concern as so much time has passed since dark sector (our time) and that of warframe. the
  4. have a look at the initial tech demo of dark sector. the one with the metal gear style. the ship, the zariman 10-0 is the ship excal sneaks onto in the liset. while the release dark sector may not have any solid link to the current canon, its still there. the virus that caused the nyx suit to corrupt and hayden to transform could well be the infestation as we know it in warframe, but x amount of years before the orokin.
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