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  1. I'm not entirely against the virtual cursor, I'm more against removing D-pad support for traversing menus. D-pad has no functionality now outside missions (selecting which ability to use). Please, bring back D-pad support for menus. You said that D-pad can be used in the market, but it doesn't work. The icons are there, but the D-pad does nothing. Why have D-pad support in the market, but in the mods and inventory we have to use the bumpers to change the quantity? A different issue is; please revert back to having the confirm button mapped back to X/A on PS/Xbox controllers respectively, it's still very weird using [ ]/X to confirm after opening a menu with the previous button set. There is an issue with chat as well, in the Orbiter, and on missions. Using the trigger button to highlight the chat, then pressing the respective controlelr button to post a message opens up a small pop up to type the message in. But right after typing a few letters in that pop up, it gets de-selected, and the rest of the message gets typed into the lower left corner chat box. It happens ALL the time, unless I ignore opening the pop up window completely and double tap the chat box to type my message there. IT's not a big issue compared to the two above, or the main one in first place. Please, atleast acknowledge that people are bothered by it as a whole, or remove controller support entirely instead if you want to keep the virtual cursor.
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