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  1. Would be cool to see the MOA shake off snow if it accumulates.
  2. Reposting this here because someone mentioned I should post it in the feedback thread. Some suggestions (full thread here): 1. Bring back alerts (for the new players) a) Maybe it could have 4 nitain alerts per day, with each lasting 3-6 hours. That would allow people to come on and actually catch the nitain. Same for Vauban parts/etc. 2. Change Nightwave. Some suggestions include: a) Removing the 10 week time limit and making it something that players can slowly do on their own time like login rewards. Maybe make new challenges appear after each rankup, so that those who want to no-life it can do that if they want to. If we go this route, I don't even care if there are 60 min Kuva survivals with a friend because I'll know that I can do that at my own pace. What's really killer in the current Nightwave is the time limit pressure. b) Making the challenges substantially less time consuming. Very few people want to do 10 animal captures or 10 syndicate missions or 9 Cetus bounties or 60 min Kuva survivals if they've already done it all. Or if they simply don't find the content very interesting and would rather play something else they find fun out of all the other things you can do in Warframe. But 1 Kuva survival mission? Sure, I'd do that for 5 min. Or 1 syndicate mission? Doesn't sound too bad. Gives us as players more time to do things we actually want to do. c) Giving a broader range of challenges so players can pick and choose what they want to do. I'm sure no one will be complaining if we could pick to do 5 capture missions instead of a 60 min Kuva survival if we wanted to. d) Making challenges more about gameplay rather than game modes. I personally liked the "kill x amount of enemies with Ice/Blast/etc damage," "kill x amounts of enemies while sliding" etc. Those were fun, and I could passively do it in my regular gameplay rather than need to go out of my way to play a game mode I dislike. And, it actually got me to bring out some old guns or switch out mods that I hadn't touched in years. e) f) Other suggestions? Nightwave has potential—there's no doubt to that. But it could be a lot better, and I hope you all at DE will consider our suggestions.
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