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  1. Update: I changed my Toogle sprint/roll key to Ctrl, and bullet-jumping while sprinting works wonderfully now with no issue. Maybe it's something with my keyboard and my Shift button (which is unlikely, as my Shift button works fine outside of the game) But it's highly that there's something that messing with the game while pressing Shift. I strongly advice changing the "Toogle sprint/roll" key to something else to see what will happen.
  2. Asia server is having some connectivity issues. I'm stuck at the login page 😕
  3. I'm new to this game, just played 1 week but already noticed how frequently this bug happens. And even when i tried to log off and on again, i still can't jump. However, when i opened the chatbox and try to type something in, the SHIFT button didn't work so i must assumed it has been stucking the whole time. Tried to use the SHIFT button outside of the game and it works fine. So i opened the game and tried to press SHIFT consecutively and it seemed to solve the problem. Like the topic above, it DOES involve the "toggle sprint" option. I'll try to turn it off, for now, until i notice any significant changes.
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