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  1. It's not impossible, I've also done it. It did take substantial grinding and scraping every mission node for asteroids and titanium, yes. I found the core gameplay loop engaging enough that I didn't really mind the grind, I had fun blowing up fighters and boarding ships. Didn't need to park my Railjack either, I would pilot it until I needed to board a crewship or an installation, at which point I would get that done and come back with time to spare to repair any critical hull fractures. I lucked out pretty early with a good Bulkhead avionic though, so my hull HP is pretty high and my experience may not be reflective of everyone else. That said, it is perfectly possible to solo Empyrean content all the way to the end of Veil Proxima with a little bit of patience, no rush drones necessary.
  2. If you’re making suggestions, I would advise posting in the Feedback sub forum, but being real with you, I don’t think DE cares for player suggestions on new content all that much. They fix game-breaking bugs and system exploits pretty promptly, but when it comes to new content, Steve has made it quite clear that their teams have a “vision” they intend to deliver on. We got confirmation that raids were returning, so it makes the most sense to wait and see how they turn out. DE will take feedback on new systems into consideration and iterate, but I sincerely doubt they’re looking for player suggestions on where to take their new content. Hell, if I was a creator on a project as large as Warframe, I would probably not prioritize listening to every backseat game designer on the community boards either.
  3. I was mistaken actually, that quote is from The War Within. It’s spoken by the Operator when their memories are being probed by the Elder Queen: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/The_War_Within/Transcript Apologies. In any case, it’s not a quote attributed to The Man in the Wall himself.
  4. That quote is from the Operator reminiscing about the original voyage into the void with their parents aboard the Zariman 10-0, at the end of Second Dream. It was originally spoken by their father as he gazed into the abyss outside the Zariman’s windows. It is heavily implied that the being the father is referring to is the Man in the Wall, and that when the Man chooses to show himself to our player character, he uses the pet name “kiddo” as an ironic reference to the Operator’s father.
  5. Yes, except we're discussing the Requiem Fissures, which are an extension of the Kuva Lich system; The current iteration of the Kuva Lich system has been widely criticized for—among other things—having too many layers of RNG. Playing through a kuva flood has a 25% chance to give you the one relic you're looking for, which subsequently has at best a 59% chance to drop the mod you're looking for in a dedicated radshare, and at worst has an 11% chance to drop the mod if you don't want to waste your time farming traces and organizing a radshare. These are not very enticing odds if your only reason to engage in Requiem Fissures is to get Requiem Mods to defeat your lich. Current company notwithstanding, I think that it's very reasonable to assume that is going to be the case for most people jumping into Requiem Fissures. Meanwhile if a kuva flood has a 100% chance to drop a Requiem Mod as I am suggesting, you will have a 12.5% chance to get the mod you're looking for. Not great odds either, certainly, but at least you'll know immediately instead of having to farm traces for a radshare that you may or may not have any luck organizing in the recruiting chat, or prepare yourself for almost certain disappointment when running pubs. You'd also stockpile a buffer of duplicate mods faster this way, because there wouldn't ever be an occasion that you were awarded zero Requiem Mods upon completing a kuva flood.
  6. If exilus adapters are desirable, they can still be rolled into another reward table elsewhere, like arbitrations (or better yet, the arbitration store) or disruptions. Kuva is increasingly easier to obtain in large quantities now that it's being stocked in ten grand increments on the Nightwave store. There is still no convincing case to be made that any of these rewards must be obtainable from Requiem Fissures.
  7. Having engaged with approximately five or six liches since the launch of The Old Blood expansion, I've come to the conclusion that Requiem Fissures aren't really offering very much to the player aside from an artificial layer of RNG to pad out the experience. Upon cracking any given Requiem Relic, the player can obtain a few riven shards, an ayatan amber star, one of two possible requiem mods or an Exilus Weapon Adapter. Rivens can be acquired from sorties, and shards specifically now drop from Empyrean as well, ayatan stars drop from containers relatively frequently, and blueprints for Exilus Weapon Adapters can be purchased from syndicates, meaning that currently the only reason any player has to run Requiem Fissures is in the hope of obtaining degradable Requiem Mods to engage with Kuva Liches. Degradable mods are a headache but that has admittedly been brought up plenty around these forums, and I'm not here to beat that particular horse carcass. Mostly I want to emphasize that there is no reason that the aforementioned Requiem Mods can't drop from Kuva Siphons/Floods. There would still be a layer of RNG in obtaining a specific Requiem Mod, but at least players wouldn't have to contend with the possibility of getting disappointing rewards from pubs or spending void traces on organized radshares. Because there is a higher time investment needed in obtaining the correct relic and collecting traces, it is inherently more demoralizing when you fail to get the mod you need; you've invested a disproportional amount of time in a failed attempt to get a single mod that will be purged from your inventory after three successful uses anyway. In short, I don't think anybody is currently running Requiem Fissures for anything except Requiem Mods. If none of the other rewards within the relics are desirable, there is no reason for these relics to exist. Requiem Mods should be available elsewhere, i.e. direct drops from Kuva Siphons/Floods.
  8. What kind of guns do you use to deal with Sentients? I've been defaulting to an umbral corrosive crit build for the Rubico Prime, since Sentients are composed of ferrite armor. It does respectable per-shot damage but it still doesn't kill them efficiently enough that I don't have to reset them with the Paracesis or an amp after a few shots. I agree with your stance on reducing player options, because loadout diversity allows for greater player expression. I really hope that New War doesn't mandate compulsory high-damage low-status umbral builds for warframes and weapons.
  9. Hey folks, I apologize if I'm completely off-base here; I promise it's not my intention to make passive-aggressive jabs at DE or their enemy design here, I'm just genuinely curious if I'm missing something. I've arrived to Veil Proxima quite recently and have been running Sentient Anomalies there whenever one crops up and I can log in. I think the art direction is absolutely stunning, the H.R. Geiger-esque architecture feels alien, desolate and vaguely threatening, the ambient soundtrack builds an atmosphere of unease and the wide-open expanses are a joy to traverse and feel specifically designed to compliment our post-Parkour 2.0 movement options. The enemies populating these tilesets however just seem irritating with little in the way of redeeming qualities. It's nice that I can dismember enemies to temporarily disarm them, but when they regenerate after a second or two, this seems somewhat pointless. The assorted hovering Sentient variants move erratically and have very specific hurtboxes making it quite easy to miss shots, leading to frustration if using something like a sniper to get the most out of every shot before the Sentient inevitably builds resistance to the damage type. I understand that perhaps from a thematic perspective this would make sense, the Sentients build their soldiers to have reduced surface area to make them harder to shoot, but I find that this comes at the expense of enjoyment. The adaptive resistance makes Sentients feel spongier than they really are, especially when compared to the level 80+ Grineer Kosma troopers that are also found in Veil Proxima. I've sunk the requisite five forma into my Paracesis to allow it to strip resistances so I can do so without switching into operator mode, which always kinda broke up the flow of combat in my opinion. Even so, the Sentients frequently hover just out of reach, and most variants seem to be immune to CC or the 'lifted' status from heavy slams. It feels less like I'm fighting a cybernetic menace and more like I'm trying to swat a few obnoxiously resilient flies with a newspaper. Maybe I'm making things harder for myself, given that I prefer to play solo and am an unabashed Hydroid main. I can't defend the notion that you have to select Excalibur Umbra equipped with a five-forma Paracesis to enjoy the Sentient Anomaly tileset and eventually the New War. Please let me know if I'm crazy or have been approaching this completely incorrectly.
  10. Ultimately I figure that the Origin System is kind of like the Warhammer 40K universe where certain factions are more or less justified than others, but all exercise a degree of ethical flexibility to achieve their individual goals. For instance; yes, Tyl Regor is researching a method to reverse clone degradation in the Grineer, who are descended from a slave caste in the era of the Orokin. However, the Grineer are largely beholden to their queens and follow a dogma of militant manifest destiny, believing that as the closest the Orokin had to direct successors, they are entitled to control the entire Origin System and to destroy or enslave any species that isn't Grineer. The Corpus are a conglomerate of hyper-capitalistic social darwinists that believe that the accumulation of wealth is analogous to power and influence, and have no problem with converting entire civilian colonies into labor camps populated by indentured servants. Left to their own devices, they would spread to control the system much like the Grineer. The Infested are a hive mind of ravenous monsters that exist only to consume everything that is not Infested; in this capacity, they are identical to the Grineer and the Corpus, but much more literal in their methodology. The Tenno betrayed the Orokin, and are for all intents and purposes a syndicate of child-soldiers-turned-war-criminals-turned-terrorists, but are still sympathetic to non-combatant civilian populations, and are operating largely to keep this three way conflict going for as long as possible to exhaust the participating sides. Allegedly the Tenno do not have the wherewithal to permanently decimate the Grineer and Corpus regimes, and the Infested multiply ad infinitum, making their extermination similarly difficult. The original betrayal was justified given that the Orokin were evidently a decadent and largely amoral society that had no qualms with consuming its own young to perpetuate its eternal life. You'd only need to play through The Sacrifice and the Chimera Prologue to get a glimpse of how twisted our precursors were.
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