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  1. I saw the video earlier and have been following this workshop closely. The bug report noteboard is a step in the right direction. The players are known to experiment with peculiar Void-induced broken mechanics and find things the alpha cluster and development builds simply cannot test in the time they are given. This provides the players with a place to list what they find so bug cleanup takes less time overall. Now, can we do something about my starchild's butt phasing through the floor whenever he sits down?
  2. While trying to trade a panzer vulpaphyla imprint, which I made myself, the imprint shows a " [ ] " trade ready icon. In the select item for trade window, it shows the same " [ ] " icon. When trying to view the panzer imprint, it does not show the genetic code template graphic but instead, a blank square. I can select this blank square and set it up for a trade, until.... There should be no reason for this. I was able to select imprints from my vulpaphyla all the way up to this point and could also review the imprints in the kavat breeding section of the incubator.
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