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  1. I made this corpus helmet a couple years ago. It's made of cardboard, masking tape, and some silver spray paint my mom had lying around. It's the definition of "low-budget". I'd love to make a new costume but I'm already freaking out over all the art I have left to do.
  2. I have two big pieces I'm working on now so I missed day one. Here's day 1 and 2, featuring my awful lineart which I vectorized with Illustrator to make it less obvious. Day 3 - Void Day 4, Flight Corpus Companion
  3. In the jackal fight, during the transition to the second stage, your Warframe uses the Parazon like a grappling hook to follow the Jackal. Since all Warframes have a Parazon, why not allow all frames to make full use of one of its features? I personally use ripline just to get around quicker because it usually only ends up flinging enemies. If the Parazon is able to be used like a Ripline that can't pull enemies, it could be helpful for reaching tricky areas without being like an extra ability. I know the Itzal's Blink ability was given to all archwings which is why I feel this suggestio
  4. Will fan artists be able to apply at a later time once they meet the criteria? Having some extra resources would make it so much easier to churn out fresh art.
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