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  1. I can't wait to see more Gauss gameplay! But I am even more excited to play him!
  2. This is a great solution to the problem of a lack of exclusive rewards during the gap. Good going!
  3. Yes! Thank you for your response. I would have freaked out and submitted a ticket if you hadn't told me that
  4. Can somebody please remind me how this is received? It's been a while. I have my username down for two tickets because my friend who is also coming doesn't play. I think last year digital packs were handled a bit differently for those who purchased physical tickets, but I don't remember how. When and how should physical ticket holders be receiving their plat and digital packs?
  5. Wow! I'm surprised they sold out this quickly. I remember last year I don't think they sold out until May. How exciting! I hope to see you all there, I will be wearing some silly, homemade headgear like last year!
  6. @[DE]Helen I had a blast last year and I managed to convince my friend to come with me this year! However, he does not play Warframe and is coming mainly because he is interested in game development and also because I gave him the puppy-dog eyes and begged him to :3c I am purchasing a collector's ticket for myself and all-day admission for him. As he does not have an account, I am unsure what to enter under "alias" and "platform." What would you advise?
  7. Mostly did this for funsies. The entries thus far have been fantastic!
  8. It's currently painful for me to decorate my dojo because everything is kind of clumped together. You can only filter by faction. I'd like to filter by object type (statues, pillars, floor tiles, etc). There are lots of dojo items now so I feel that a filter or search is in order.
  9. Lots of great stuff in store for this year! I can't wait to see what DE will create!
  10. Way to go! Happy holidays everyone!
  11. I'm very interested in learning about the bug-spotting process and how you go about fixing bugs people mention in the forums. Do you replicate the problem first and look for issues in the code in suspect areas? You guys roll out hotfixes so quickly it makes me wonder how they get fixed so fast!
  12. I was having the problem with the wrong coolant stuff resulting in my inability to fish maybe like 5 minutes before the hotfix deployed. You guys work fast!
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