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  1. With the new Mother mask, someone should do a Norman Bates parody. Maybe for Halloween.
  2. This thread is giving me some serious Deja Vu; I could've sworn I saw the exact same topic, with practically identical replies a few weeks back.
  3. Nightwave burned me out, Hostile Mergers UI bug made me angry, and the Tennocon livestream debacle firmly drove a wedge between me and this game. I've played Warframe maybe twice this month. Last month, I had more fun playing Neverwinter and completing the event quest for MH's five week festival. I also picked up Dark Souls 3, as well as Iceborne; which has completely taken over my game time. Warframe really doesn't have a lot to offer in comparison to those two games. Like others, I just kept waiting for something good to come up, until I finally grew bored of waiting, and moved on to different games that offered something fresh.
  4. From my experience, they don't. And I've posted quite a few long winded responses. Various lore threads and role play discussions tend to have some incredibly long posts as well.
  5. I went on a brief quit after I'd spent my starter plat on a decoration, and a palette. I think explaining what platinum is, and how you can earn it would help the new player experience. Another problem I ran into early on, was modding and abilities; I had no idea what mods were for, and I believed abilities could only be used once every mission, since the game didn't really explain anything about efficiency or energy. A MR3 guy I was helping out a few months back, stopped logging in after Jupiter (I suspect he believed the game was pay2win, especially since he had bought a few warframes and cosmetics). My friends list is full of new players whom I had helped out, or taxied around, but never returned to the game. I think another thing they could do, is make a practice area that is accessible through your orbiter, since most new players don't know about simulacrum, or even Simaris. Like what others have said, giving the tutorial a more in-depth explanation on the game's basic mechanics could greatly improve player retention.
  6. Yeah, I believe someone said it does that, because it automatically loads the info for the very first account, which is/was Steve's.
  7. Yes, those are primarily the topics they post on. I had realised after I'd made that post, that I confused the mods with staff. In any event, I can kinda see why they would avoid the forums, since it just sends so many mixed messages, whereas twitter and reddit seem to focus more on humour, bug reporting, and such. They probably read the forums, but constant complaining and arguing can really wear people down; especially when it's mostly directed at them and something they'd worked really hard on. There are some fun moments here, though, the negative usually outweighs the positive.
  8. Ash is Stealth+Damage. His passive is a major boon to his kit, and his two damage attacks deal True damage + 100 % bleed chance (Bladestorm) and 500 Slash + a 100% status chance (Shuriken). Nyx is strictly CC (Absorb does a pathetic amount of damage, so I could hardly call it a damage dealing ability). So yeah, kinda apples and oranges. I've seen members of the DE team post on the forums, on very rare occasions, yes.
  9. Of course her total DPS would be lower, since she'd be damaging less enemies, but she'd still be more than capable at clearing out thick groups of enemies. My main concern about being able to increase the power caps, would be that we'd end up, a little close to where we are now. At maximum, maybe her spore limit would 45-50? I'm not sure how one could make cool-downs or restrictions interactive, as far as gameplay goes. Perhaps if there was some sort of trade-off like, mods or arcanes that would shorten the cool-down time or increase the cap, but lower casting speed. Now that I think of it, I recall reading the patch-notes when they added it, and more than a few people were running around calling it a nerf. Not sure why though. Or it could've been something else. With the way you describe it, it does seem like removing it, or shortening the duration would greatly increase the effort required to maintain her spores, and yes, make her higher maintenance. Which would curb the number of people who lazily nuke areas, without completely "ruining her" as they say. Not entirely, Pocahontas made 346.1 million at the box office, going up against Toy Story, who had made 373.6 million. That 27.5 million dollar difference, was enough to push Disney towards computer animated films. I don't think any company can afford making a flop, whether it's your mom & pop store, or a billion dollar company. But I digress. It works for them now, but a few years down the line, it definitely wont, especially if they keep releasing new frames and weapons, or reworking more frames into damage dealers, without doing anything with our enemies. Even they seem to have realised how much power we have access to, since both the Wolf and the ropalolyst are/were heavily armoured and immune to some of the warframe's abilities. If the Wolf didn't have Alloy armor on top of Alloy health, he would've melted as easily as he did at the end up the season. I do like how DE still communicates with their fanbase through the forums, reddit and twitter. It makes them seem more down to earth.
  10. I was using her as an example of frames who limitations of their abilities, but they're still good. I can't imagine how insane a mission would get, if you could cast Lantern on everything, or flood the area with Razorflies. I think Nyx's Psychic Bolts have a limit of 6, but it still works great. I used her for the hour long survival challenges in the 1st season of Nightwave, and she did fine up until the last few minutes, when everything was in the 115-120 range. With Nyx, it's more of a situation where I'll cast Chaos, and realise only two enemies are actually affected by it. It gets to be an annoyance after a bit. I think another thing you can use Nova for, trolling wise, would be portal spamming in a hallway. That's definitely not fun. I haven't run into Speed Novas as often as Slow Novas, so I'm not certain about the effectiveness of that strategy. It's definitely an issue the entire entertainment industry struggles with. I like using Marvel/Disney as an example of this, since that's the biggest offender. They've built their success on family movies, so now, everyone just expects all of their movies to be PG-13. It really limits what they could be doing, creatively, and when they finally decided to break that mold with Deadpool, it really showed what they're capable of. Even though I dislike the movie, it clearly got something right with the audiences.
  11. My understanding of a nerf, would be lowering the power scale of a frame, without changing any part of it's kit. Like if we drastically brought down the amount of damage she does, without removing anything or adding anything else. To me, that is a nerf. The version of cool-downs and restrictions I am in favour of, would basically leave the frames as they are now, with the exception of only being able to cast spores or miasma every 10-15 seconds, on 25 or so enemies. So you'd still be doing the same damage, but you wouldn't be affecting as many enemies as before, which clears the way for others to contribute. However, with this system, it would require co-operation from your entire team, in order to get the most out of it, which would actually encourage team-play and communication. The game would still be solo-able if it utilised this system, because our melee and gun weapons would still be at our disposal during cool-down times. Understandably, this would also generate issues if you queued with someone who felt you were doing a lousy job. My solution to this, would be an option to block the person from queuing with you again. I do realise the amount of work it may take to get all this done, which would greatly hinder their ability to still push out updates and patches. Edit: yeah, removing that ability synergy would help, by atleast a small margin.
  12. If you had even been paying attention to what I've been saying, you would have seen that I am not asking for nerfs. If I'm asking for anything, it's cool-downs, a reworked damage system or ability restrictions; even though I know the improbability of getting those things, it never hurts to raise the suggestion.
  13. Yeah, that's kind of what I’ve been saying, but I don't think it'll ever happen. As I said before, this game has gotten to big to just put on hold while their team figures out how to make things work. It wasn't very obvious originally, but it's become very apparent that they didn't expect this game to succeed on the level it did, so what may have seemed like a small, fixable issue then, has grown into a massive problem. I can't really blame them for thinking that, really, since they shipped the game out with very little resources, and only scraps of an idea. But it could be that I'm just being overly pessimistic about the future, and they'll find a way to fix this mess, eventually. Alright, I was typing that up in a bit of a hurry, so I apologise if it seemed like I was putting words in your mouth. What usually happens (for me) in a survival mission, is everyone runs to the first capsule, and then just stays there. There's always one who leaves to find statues or whatever, and I'll go on a kuria hunt. This stretches the enemies out, so the two who are still in the first area, eventually start following me and the other person. I can't just ask someone to stop following me, since it would incredibly rude, but I don't want to play around the nuker, so what am I supposed to do then? Leave? On some days, it can be difficult to pick up a group since my connection isn't the best. Well, there's a problem with trying to discuss someone's behaviour over the internet. Your tone and intentions don't translate well, over written words, so even if you're trying to be helpful, the person you're talking could think you're being condescending, or that you're over-stepping public boundaries by telling them how to play. This happens to me, ever so often, people will interpret my tone as snide. I don't think it would be a bad thing to allow us to disable visuals for some frames. I dis-like all the clutter Wisp and Nidus add to my warframes, and the green shimmer from Renewal. Well, from my experiences, the limits also make you use the other abilities or weapons you have at your disposal. There are already some warframe with abilities that have a limited amount of targets they affect, like Nyx and Titania, and they aren't as bad as some say. I still thoroughly enjoy Nyx's kit, despite all the bad rep it gets. I think most frames who have the potential to be troll builds have already been fixed, and I can't really think of a troll-frame who wouldn't been fixed to some extent by cool-downs or limits. In the other games I've played that have cool-downs, 15-20 seconds is usually the perfect recharge time, for the stronger abilities, like Discharge or Maim's detonation. In this hypothetical situation, where all frames have cool-downs, I think Maiming strike and melee would've already been looked at and given restrictions like the abilities. Yeah, their main source of income probably comes from casual players, so of course they need to keep it accessible to them, otherwise they'd be looking at some complaints. Like what happened with Arbitrations. It could just be the population differences between PS4 and PC. I have no trouble picking up groups for survival and defense, but if I'm trying to do an excavation mission or Disruption, I could end up sitting there for 30 minutes. Their recent changes to the clan system helped a bit, when they made it possible to change owners if the original leader had left, so it's not as bad as it could be. I'm going to have contact my friend (the former second in command), and see if he can get in touch with the guy. I just want to finish up a throne room I was building. I don't think 2 years, and over 500 hours could be considered "new". And what would I not be privy to, regarding the history of the game? Everything that this game has gone through, is right out there on the internet. And it's history is so freely discussed here, it's hard to not know about things like paid revives, coptering, stamina bars, Ignus Dei, one room orbiters, orokin dojo's, Void_Glitch, and when Nyx was god-tier. I could even find footage from 2015 or even 2014 and figure out why the game changed, whether for better or worse. I know how bad things were, back when the only viable solution, was to camp in a pipe and spam CC abilities. You think I'd want that back? No, of course not, because that's as bad as camping in a small room and spamming nuke abilities. First hand experience in a videogame is not like first hand experience in real life. There are some moments in life, when you truly have to be there, in order to understand what happened. Games aren't like that. Their history is so richly detailed and preserved on the internet, through the hundreds of people who have experienced them. I don't think I could've been any clearer about my position on this game, last time we talked. Maybe you should rewind and read my extremely, long-winded post on why we will never get a re-vamped damage system, and what I know nerfing frames would fix. It would fix nothing. Absolutely nothing. It's obvious you and I will never reach an agreement on this subject, because our opinions, differ so drastically, despite being rooted in same issue: Why nerfing frames wont work. The best thing we could do for one another, would to simply move on and place each other on ignore. Because it's clear neither of us are going to budge on this subject.
  14. Well yeah, in this current situation, restrictions on anything seem arbitrary, when you have frames like Saryn, Volt and Mesa running around. Even weaker frames like Vauban can just pave a hallway with mines and lock down that portion of the map.
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