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  1. Thanks for doing this overview! It's very helpful. I must say, I'm really looking forward to Protea. I think her design is pretty cool, and I've been wanting a tech-savy/utility frame for a while. Now let's hope she's useful in a decent amount of missions. And that Gara deluxe looks friggin' awesome. I also kinda like Nova's, but compared to the other recent skins, it is a little underwhelming.
  2. Still the Vaykor Sydon. My build is still pretty efficient, I was using it for a Void Sortie 3 Disruption and it was working well with Khora. I used to really enjoy using Falcor and Glaive Prime with Banshee and Nyx, but the changes, plus no more dual wielding just really ruined it for me. Please, just give me dual wielding, and I swear I won't ask for anything else for the entire year!
  3. From the Warframe wikia: "Amaryn is voiced by Courtney Christine Rosemont. "
  4. Personally, I think default Inaros is the ugliest frame, with his dog nipples, cup-holder crotch, and swollen calves and feet. But I have two words for you: Oberon Feyarch Seriously, that skin can look amazing with every colour scheme.
  5. Well, I looked at a couple of the other channels I'm subscribed to, but nothing seems out of the ordinary. This could just be an isolated incident, but if it's an error on Youtube's side of things, I'm sure we'll be hearing about soon. Has anyone mentioned what his new videos are about?
  6. I think Youtube's new COPPA system went into effect today. If it did, then it's likely the algorithm already screwed up and marked his videos as "For children", meaning they wont show up outside of the Youtube Kids app. He could've just deleted them (would be strange to delete a ton of your videos, though), but I'll try looking around on any of the other channels I follow, and see if any of their videos are gone.
  7. Yes, but like the kitguns, once people figure out which combo makes the best Archwing, that's what the majority will stick too. I can see DE implementing RNG stats to avoid this, and to stretch out the grind. ...Or they'll simply "fix" the combination, similar to what happened with Catchmoon.
  8. Modular Archwings? More grind and RNG stats, too!
  9. Emperor Platpatine. I always try to help newbies whenever I run into them, sometimes I'll give them mods, augments, taxi them, help them level, or help them farm new frames. I'll also explain to them how to join and level syndicates, where to find rare materials, what are ducats, how to get more plat, and which mods or prime pieces are worth selling. The game really needs a proper tutorial, since newbies won't always be able to find players who are nice enough to sit down and explain these things to them. One time I went a little overboard though, and gave a newbie a full Ember Prime set plus a bunch of vaulted relics. He hasn't logged in since.
  10. Revenant's are quite similar to Vampires (if I recall, they're another creature you need to drive a stake through their hearts in order to kill), some would even consider them related. Here's the Lotus' quote regarding Revenant: "This is Revenant, the returned - the condemned.". Now here's Wikipedia's description of a Revenant: "In folklore, a revenant is an animated corpse that is believed to have revived from death to haunt the living.[6][7] The word revenant is derived from the Old French word, revenant, the "returning" (see also the related French verb revenir, meaning "to come back").". (Not to mention, Revenant's 4th is named Danse Macabre, which is an art genre that literally translates to 'Dance of death" and the style is believed to have originated in France, but also spread to places such as Germany and Spain) I believe Grendel is a re-interpretation of the giant Grendel from Beowulf (who is also described as a ravenous devourer). His Lotus quote also matches the line describing Grendel in the poem Beowulf: "This is Grendel, the devourer, the insatiable. " (Lotus' quote) Quote from Beowulf: "...the destroyer and devourer of our human kind" and "...poet details how Grendel consumes the men he kills; "now that he could hope to eat his fill.". I think re-designing Grendel as an Oni doesn't stray to far from his original description, and some could say it's quite clever. As for Inaros' Egyptian references, their much more subtle; because as I noticed, Warframe never directly mentions or references any current day cultures ( Wukong and Nezha, were made to promote the Chinese build, so they're an obvious exception), but you can still see where they got their inspiration (this is one of my problems with Liger's skins, but that's a subject for another thread). Tenshin's outfit and behaviour is clearly an abstract version of a traditional Japanese warrior or Inaros' quest line is obviously Egyptian inspired with all the kavats and giant golems you need to fight off. Self-reviving is something a few other warframes can do, but I think Inaros' is tied to the "Rising from the dead" theme most mummies are associated with. Here's Inaros' Lotus quote: "This is Inaros, the savior, king of the desert.". Now what do most people think of why you say "desert"? Pyramids, vast open spaces, Egypt, and other Middle Eastern countries (and Inaros was the name of two Egyptian royals, Inaros I and Inaros II). I'm a little unsure about the DE Reb calling her a Vampire part, since I was referencing what another user here had said earlier. Right now, I'm not going to rewatch the Devstream where Garuda was first shown to confirms this, so I'll walk back a little from that remark. Given the idea that Garuda seems designed around gore around blood, isn't it possible they were referencing Bathory, not as Countess Dracula, but as the madwoman who bleed young women to death? That's a pretty gruesome thing, and considering the fact that Garuda is described as Death's crimson maiden, and was dropped with the Bloodshed sigil (one the completely coats your frame in "blood") it would make sense that she would have a reference to a woman who was literally bathed in blood. Garuda doesn't actually drink the blood from Blood Altar. She drains the enemy's life force, which again, isn't an uncommon healing tactic in Warframe. It's related to blood for strictly thematic reasons.
  11. Inaros is not a Necromancer; he's a mummy/desert themed frame, and that's it. Nothing in his lore, kit, or appearance implies or indicates that he's a Necromancer. As far as I know, DE Rebecca is the only who has ever called Garuda "a Vampire" (I could be mistaken though), otherwise, it's very clear her theme is blood, gore and violence. Even her loose connection to Vampirism (Blood Altar) is questionable, given the fact that draining an enemy's health to regenerate your own is a common healing ability in Warframe (heck, Trinity has a skill called Energy Vampire but no one is calling her a Vampire frame). It's related to blood only to keep things consistent with her theme (Blood, gore and violence). The Lotus' quote and the Codex entry for Garuda simply refer to her as the Gore Queen and "Death's crimson maiden" and if she were a Vampire or Vampire related there would've been a reference or something similar mentioned in there (for example, Ivara's has a reference to Robin Hood: Men in tights, and Chroma's has a line from a song about a dragon-type character). As I said, demented behaviour got spun into Vampirism over time, and it's more likely she was practising Necromancy, Sorcery, Witchcraft, etc.
  12. Necromancy (which also covers blood magic) had been around for centuries before mentions of Vampires or Dhamphirs began appearing in different forms of media. Necromancy made one of it's earliest recorded mentions in some passages of the Bible and Homer's Odyssey. If anything, the common perception or understanding of a Vampire's powers have been heavily influenced by Necromancy. And Necromancers are primarily known for...? Raising the dead, communicating with the underworld, using souls or the blood of others in order to lengthen their lifespan. The idea of drinking blood, raising hell, possessing others, or changing forms have been around much, much longer than Vampires. Those traits aren't specific to the Vampiric lore or species. The impaling people part was mostly inspired by Vlad the Impaler(?), and if I recall correctly, his fascination with impalement began after seeing his family impaled when he was a young boy (I could be wrong though, I haven't done much Vampire or super-natural related reading lately). Elizabeth Bathory died in the 16th century....Vampirism first appeared in poetry and legends in the 17th to 18th century. I don't think she practised Vampirism (it may have actually been Witchcraft or Necromancy), I think demented behaviour eventually got spun into Vampirism over time. Having said that, I don't believe Garuda is a Vampire frame. I think it's more probable her theme was inspired by Bloodmagic and Necromancy, since not a single part of her kit is related to or even mentions references to Balkan or Vampiric lore. Her name however, is one thing I just never understood.
  13. Could be the case. Although, what's the point of showing off the animation set, without even some concept art, to give you a better feel of the character? That animation set would look good on Mirage, though.
  14. The new female warframe really reminds me of Mirage. Heck, their base body shapes look exactly alike, the only thing different is the helmet. Hopefully this changes later, and we wont end up with another Older-frame-but-new-and-better sort of thing.
  15. Not afraid of it, just cringing at it. It gets even worse when you realise there are people who are %100 serious when they say "I have a demon in my right arm, and I want to watch the world burn!!! Only MCR understands me, and I think I might become a serial killer." It is absolutely impossible for anything to over ride the "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" concept. I can't be bothered to go in on detail and explain why taste is subjective, and beauty is personal concept developed through your own experiences and ideals, so I'm just going to say: Read the thread.
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