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  1. I haven't played ESO (or anything, really) in a long while, so what I know may be a bit dated, but I managed to get to round 8 with Volt and Khora before. Saryn and Equinox are pretty good, but Equinox relies more on team damage in order to build up enough to nuke.
  2. Guen Lakshmi Art and design by (PSN)The1stAzrael (me), character created by (XBOX)Mentor0fHeroes Link to the Guen, Kuva Warframe Art contest, held by (XBOX)Mentor0fHeroes Default skin!
  3. Whew, finally got this done! Guen Lakshmi deluxe A few notes: Body has cut out portions, inside of body is hollow and colouring is affected by emissive. Kuva capsule in chest has a faint heartbeat that pulses whenever she casts an ability, pulsing increases when she's running low on energy and goes silent when she runs out. Cloak and hair would be very floaty, hair is meant to be translucent at the ends. Torso is hollow and separated at the waist, held together by the bone and gold belt. Main body would have swirling effects similar to the back port
  4. !! wait what - Anyways, I actually had a lot of fun with Scarlett Spear, I'm hoping they do it again soon. And then there was that time when I didn't realize one of their updates reset my chat preferences, and I got to listen in on some guy talking about his cough drop addiction.
  5. I feel bad I didn't get my deluxe entry finished in time, but it was fun seeing everyone's different takes on the same concept! Great work all around ๐Ÿ‘
  6. Anyone here know of some good Etsy or Redbubble shops for neat some Warframe pins? In particular, I've been wanting to get some Nyx/P and Gauss pins, but I couldn't really find any. Bonus points if they have good Monster Hunter pins and merch too! Other website recommendations are welcome, so long as they aren't sketchy.
  7. Not exactly a flower, but: for Nyx P. There's also the Banshee Whisper daylily, and Banshee Rose.
  8. I agree to some extent. I would argue that Warframe definitely started getting easier after the Jovian Concord. Disruption, Amalgams, and the Ropalolyst still presented a decent challenge, and it also introduced two of the better balanced frames, Gauss and Wisp. However, almost every update following that was just disappointment after disappointment, and I feel that's partly because DE did indeed listen to the "majority" (casual players), and I believe they will continue to do so because it's the route most profitable for them. But I don't think Warframe is completely casualized yet, but
  9. When you cater to the lowest common denominator, your product will eventually reflect that. The majority matters, yes, but changing your game (or anything really) to be easily accessible to the masses tends to devalue the game, as it waters it down to a level where even a child could play it with little or no difficulty. It really does "ruin" the product, and sure you could always just say "go play Dark Souls or Sekiro for difficulty", but you'll fail to address the fact that people play Warframe because it's Warframe. Warframe has been on a decline, that's undeniable, and while there are a nu
  10. Defection, defense, rush, salvage, excavation, interception, and pursuit. A fair amount of the bounties and riven "challenges" are also unbelievably boring and/or just plain annoying.
  11. I'm not completely satisfied with how this turned out, so I miight revise it in the future. Edit: Revised version The energy in the orbs would have a swirling effect, similar to Mag's base helmet Colours on the bar are arranged in primary (dark grey), secondary (grey/pink), tetrairy (red), accents (dark red), energy (pale orange), and emissive (yellow).
  12. Thanks Mako! I was hoping they'd talk a bit about the Mirage deluxe, but ah well. Lavos looks interesting
  13. That actually sounds pretty cool. I think that, or an audio visualizer ephemera that floats around her like a ring or something would be a nice touch.
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