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  1. So, I will start off by saying, I know my computer isn't the best out there for sure. I've always had issues of some sort with lag in the Plains of Eidolon, and especially in Orb Vallis, I can't even play that. However, I have found that with this most recent remaster, I have been crashing on extract. I think the very first time I extracted from the Plains I made it out safely, and I know I went out there the same day as the update drop. Since then, I just haven't been able to extract. I walk through the gates, and as soon as the loading icon appears in the bottom left corner, my game will freeze and after a few seconds I will crash and I am not sure why this is. I did take a few steps to attempt to fix this. I know that with every mainline update, the launcher prompts you to optimize your game cache, which I did do prior to having these issues, and then once more yesterday when I found out it was still happening. I verified my game cache as well, and I am still having these issues. I understand that the remaster was supposed to make the Plains look better, and it did. I was just under the impression it wasn't going to cause your system to take a hit in the performance department. As far as my performance goes, nothing has changed until I get to those gates. I am not sure if this has been happening to others, if it had been, I'm sure it would have been looked into by now, but I don't see any way I can go about playing in the Plains of Eidolon at all with how this is currently going. EDIT: Turns out I had only optimized the cache, and not verified it, which I thought I had. Once I had that finished, I decided to boot up the game and see if everything was working properly and I extracted from the Plains with no issues, in solo mode, as well as a party of 4. Problem solved
  2. My buddy and I were doing this last night as well and noticed that this was a thing. I thought it was rather annoying, but I was thinking to myself just a moment ago. I don't remember Kayla De Thaym being invincible. Hell of a thing though.
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