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  1. Same issue. I've created a post on this problem as well.
  2. Same problem, been unable to finish a variety of missions, including the sortie because of this. This bug also seems to mess with things like consoles in sabotage missions, and recently I did a fissure where the whole squad got 10 reactant but only one person could get a reward.
  3. Not sure how widespread this issue is, but it only started happening after latest hotfix. Basically only the host can go through doors. Which door seems to be random, but 2 spy missions in a row, couldn't be completed because no one but the host could go through certain doors. This is completely game breaking, please fix asap!
  4. I'm also getting film grain even tho it's off. Also getting a flickering line on the edges of my screen.
  5. Hildryn should be able to sprint and parkour while charging and shooting the Balefire on the ground. Balefire really isn't strong enough to justify the restricted movement. Otherwise I'm really loving her kit.
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