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  1. Hildryn should be able to sprint and parkour while charging and shooting the Balefire on the ground. Balefire really isn't strong enough to justify the restricted movement. Otherwise I'm really loving her kit.
  2. This isn't really an issue for me because I like his mutated form, but I'm curious as to why this is happening? His default and deluxe skins don't appear to be doing this.
  3. The bug where the Exploiter doesn't appear during phase 2 persists after the hotfix.
  4. i didnt notice any lag, but ill keep that in mind.
  5. I got her neuroptics the 1st run, but 2nd and 3rd runs didn't get a part. Tho my squadmates did the 3rd run. I thought it was guaranteed??
  6. I've seen a lot of players criticize the removal of quick melee with the 2.9999 update, so here's my 2 cents with polearms in mind. What we really need is either one of the stances reworked so it flows better (think Tempo Royale) or a new stance that has these qualities. The biggest issue that myself and many players have with the current stances is that they're far too slow and clunky to use; Twirling Spire, Bleeding Willow and Shimmering Blight all have the same issue: they stop you in your tracks every other button press with some kind of jab and generally don't flow well. A greater emphasis on wide sweeping, spinning attacks (think sundered tusk combo in Cleaving Whirlwind) rather than thrusts would be a nice change.
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