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  1. get 664 points and no ignis.. .well im more confuse now that during the event
  2. 20 waves so far and no even uncommon mods, my luck is so bad, and for the look of it rotation C gives nothing
  3. the "utility" mod need it 2 formas so people with stop complaining "oh i have too much forma", but what they never realised was that people say i have to much forma 'BLUEPRINT' I drop from 60 to barely 10 in the last 2 month, now i have to farm froma, something that I never thought i would say, and they said this will be the year of quality....
  4. I don't know why theres no options to decide what skill of your squad you want to be affected, like ripline, I'm sick of annoying valkyrs that only move you around and do nothing to help, or limbos that get mad because you are killing to much and trough you into rift (you can get out by rolling, but is annoying non the less), and some other that I can't think of now. This will be a great option so they can stop nerfing poor mag, whats next? EV will only recharge 10% of you max energy ?, a timer for Iron Skin like the old snow globe?, and still, invicibility is not toggle ... ... ...
  5. IDK if they wanna us to stop farming draco the lazy way, or want us to go back to excalibur, btw I'm doing draco with 3 exca and 1 triny and is faster and better than with 2 mesa
  6. its really 10 tell for the research or its 1 and its just a bug ?
  7. so if we pick the side that lose, we get a bp like in Gradivus, or nothing at all ?
  8. another option for the multichoice How frequently do you use sniper rifles? when they are released and never again
  9. sooo tactical http://i.imgur.com/PdEyUfz.jpg
  10. "this year is all about quality" SUUUUUUUUURE sadly the rules don't allow me to sell my account nor everything else )= RIP my wasted money
  11. yeap, get it in 7 runs, but half the people dont know how to kill krill and the other half want you to move out of the way when you are baiting the skill to freeze himself.. I even found 2 insulting me for speaking spanish with my friend when we were in the 5th run, but that is another matter, point in case, I almost spend 225 plat, almost, and if this keeps going this way I may just farm seer, who knows, maybe next week we'll need 1 seer, 1 detron and/or 1 brakk or perhaps a dual bolto with a seer oh wait i have it, a dual bolto + dragon nikada, would be awesome (sarcasm, just saying in case no one notices it) I was ok with using 1 weapon to craft another, even when sometimes take 4 to craft 1, because I was ranking at the moment, now I'm mr 18 I just wanna but the bp, craft it and start ranking it, dont wanna keep wasting time waiting 12 hours, farming something else, enough farming and grinding I have with the void, why put us trough this? I think is time to gather friends and clan, do vault run until my eyes bleed, take a shower go to sleep, and sell every mod mid to cheap and gatter enough plat to exchange it for items in another game just like with path of exile, but first I must check rules and guidelines. EDIT start farming seer, get a couple of boltos ready, even a normal nikana, S#&$ is about to hit the fan really hard
  12. what happend if we dont defend ? bye bye relai?
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