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  1. Have a question for any Firearms enthusiasts Primary Kitgun, SteadySlam, Reloading. to reload, your character holds the gun off-handed by the foregrip. and uses his dominant hand to replace the magazine. Does this reversed handed loading have any basis in reality? like is there some oddball technique out there? why?
  2. are you implying that left handed people are somehow inferior to right handed people? WTB Tenet Tetra Riven with: Reload Speed, Multishot, Critical Damage, -Magazine Capacity. Must have +reload, -magazine.
  3. The Mars Grineer Defense Mission Map the one with the Cryopod in the middle of the round metal building thing. Consistently a Grineer will spawn in the basement room directly beneath the cryopod, tucked in behind some lockers; and will be unable to pathfind his way out of the room. Please remove that spawn point? or make AI better (yeah right)
  4. You know the Requiem Mods are Tradable right? being able to just buy as many as you want from other tenno, invalidates your argument about Oull acquisition rate as an regulator.
  5. Apparently he has a problem with being unable to defeat a lowly Kuva Larvling with anything but his one crutch frame. Can't be bothered to master different frames for the different element choices.
  6. Yeah I once wrote a script to do autorun when stick is pushed over 90% forward wasn't practical cause it would mess up menu actions, archwing, etc Context Specific control mode changes in-game support for it would avoid those pitfalls
  7. Considering the alternative, is to use the Hold + Select Mini Menu I wasn't going to be able to move around while casting anyway. At least on a D-pad, the abilities have direct access with single button press. Mini menu is 2 buttons -hold down the menu opener, while simultaneously triangle/square/x/circle to specify which ability.
  8. Assigning the 4 Abilities to the 4 D-pad Directions would be a fine solution EXCEPT, doing so means there is no place left to assign stuff like your Map, Waypoints, and Inventory. Now, on the PS4, the Touchpad can do Abilities via Swipe Gestures, (but obviously a D-pad would be best since it can do Holds which Swipe cannot) those Swipe Gestures would be prime real estate for the displaced Map, WP, Inventory -yet they are Not Allowed to assign anything Except abilities. IF ONLY DE would let me assign Touchpad Swipes to Other Things, I would have enough Buttons.
  9. Well, the ghoulsaw is MR fodder junk anyway so I'd say Everyone got slapped, whether you waited or not.
  10. OLD CONTENT why buff/rebalance old stuff? when you can just release glorified reskins that outclass them, and call it "new content"? It's a winning formula! we prove it every day.
  11. Its pretty painful for Controller people who don't have a mouse. its a tiny little tab and landing your thumbstick onto it is like playing a minigame of Atari Lunar Lander. Worse, the D-pad for snap-to-button doesn't work on it properly; probably because its a drop down tab and not a Fixed Position UI element.
  12. eh 50-100plat note that now that we have Gun Condition Overload, -impact isn't as godlike as it used to be. nowadays I actually prefer to have an even IPS distribution to stack up the CO. I also tend to avoid damage/multishot on Rivens in favor of Crits now. Because for most riven dispos Damage and Multishot are better served by the new Galvanized Mods and Arcanes. Yes I'm on PS4 and yes we are super greedy Corpus here.
  13. There's so few Archguns that rather than spitball new mods and arcanes at them DE could just go in and thoughtfully adjust their stats to have appropriate power ?Or is manually balancing too much work?
  14. Buy each one twice. one when it's your element choice (any %), one when it's at 55%+ (any element). Fuse them to produce your chosen element at 60%. much time camping for each to show up.....
  15. I don't use him the Physical limitations of a Controller just make all his elemental selection mechanisms too cumbersome to play smoothly. Theory: he probably has far less usage on Consoles than PC. DE, I know you have the statistics, if true perhaps look into some way of streamlining the controls to be more fair?
  16. What makes you think they're going to allow Account Merging?
  17. it's L3 on my dualshock -meaning pushing the stick in while simultaneously pushing forward this is horrible for controller wear. just look at the grooves in the thumbstick and the wear marks on the controller ring at the front.
  18. I did in fact buy Yareli with Plat once I got into the quest and discovered how Difficult the K-drive portions were for me. I guess I'm just not coordinated enough. I am fine with that, had plat to spare. however, even after. while maybe not a 'force', I do feel like I'm being Emotionally Blackmailed to still complete the quest. Because poor Rocky is still comatose; even if I go to my Codex and Deactivate the quest, she remains comatose when I visit Fortuna.
  19. No, it's a gameplay problem too "physical spam". when there's so many reservoirs in a tight hallway that I can't avoid stepping onto one when I Didn't want the buff. well, you got a "more Legitimate" solution? how about that old 'do a backflip to opt-out' thing that Volt Speed has? While that doesn't let me selectively opt-out, sometimes just dropping them all is better....
  20. Actually one thing that would really help my main grevience with Wisp Reservoirs is if they could be made so their Radius Cannot Overlap. Sometimes for your build you Really Don't want Shock, but Health is fine, or sometimes you don't want Haste, etc But when the reservoirs get all stacked up in one spot you can't pick just one. if they were forced to spread out so I can selectively walk into one but not the other, that would help a lot....
  21. I meant "spam" in the sense of: my radar screen is cluttered up with half a dozen reservoirs, and I can barely tell which is which to pick which one I should step into. (cause sometimes I don't want shock) -ie visual spam. not "spam" in the "button spam" for wisp player sense.
  22. While you're at it that skin appears to be bugged with Recoil even if I stack up over 100% -Recoil mods, my warframe animation still breaks his arm firing it. I guess this is why we don't get too many Universal Skins....
  23. Thank you in fact I don't want to engage with you period. Gonna add you to my very long Ignore list. Suggest you do the same to me.
  24. Yeah, the Reservoir's are kinda overpowered. in addition to the energy cost suggestions I'd suggest reducing the max number deployed from 6, to 3. so you have to be more careful about where and when they're deployed. Less drop and forget spamming.
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