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  1. it's L3 on my dualshock -meaning pushing the stick in while simultaneously pushing forward this is horrible for controller wear. just look at the grooves in the thumbstick and the wear marks on the controller ring at the front.
  2. I did in fact buy Yareli with Plat once I got into the quest and discovered how Difficult the K-drive portions were for me. I guess I'm just not coordinated enough. I am fine with that, had plat to spare. however, even after. while maybe not a 'force', I do feel like I'm being Emotionally Blackmailed to still complete the quest. Because poor Rocky is still comatose; even if I go to my Codex and Deactivate the quest, she remains comatose when I visit Fortuna.
  3. No, it's a gameplay problem too "physical spam". when there's so many reservoirs in a tight hallway that I can't avoid stepping onto one when I Didn't want the buff. well, you got a "more Legitimate" solution? how about that old 'do a backflip to opt-out' thing that Volt Speed has? While that doesn't let me selectively opt-out, sometimes just dropping them all is better....
  4. Actually one thing that would really help my main grevience with Wisp Reservoirs is if they could be made so their Radius Cannot Overlap. Sometimes for your build you Really Don't want Shock, but Health is fine, or sometimes you don't want Haste, etc But when the reservoirs get all stacked up in one spot you can't pick just one. if they were forced to spread out so I can selectively walk into one but not the other, that would help a lot....
  5. I meant "spam" in the sense of: my radar screen is cluttered up with half a dozen reservoirs, and I can barely tell which is which to pick which one I should step into. (cause sometimes I don't want shock) -ie visual spam. not "spam" in the "button spam" for wisp player sense.
  6. While you're at it that skin appears to be bugged with Recoil even if I stack up over 100% -Recoil mods, my warframe animation still breaks his arm firing it. I guess this is why we don't get too many Universal Skins....
  7. Thank you in fact I don't want to engage with you period. Gonna add you to my very long Ignore list. Suggest you do the same to me.
  8. Yeah, the Reservoir's are kinda overpowered. in addition to the energy cost suggestions I'd suggest reducing the max number deployed from 6, to 3. so you have to be more careful about where and when they're deployed. Less drop and forget spamming.
  9. You've all seen it do a public match of Railjack and the host has some garbage mk1 gun turrets. makes you Not Want to do Public -and while just soloing RJ does tend to give me superior results, I'm sure that DE really intended RJ to be a squad effort So take the Plexus system farther: have our Gun Turret selection go with it. and the Munitions too (though does anyone actually use anything other than the tracker missiles?)
  10. ah yes that is a Glaring Flaw the Dropships outrun your rocket..... Suggested mechanic change: when releasing ADS, the rocket shall maintain its current course, but drastically increase it's speed to near hitscan. So the gameplay would go like: launch, hold laser aim on the dropship till the rocket is aligned, release AIM and it goes 'whooosh' 'boom' (yes, this is very much like the Original HalfLife laser guided rocket) -which actually was effective on airborne targets, unlike the Envoy
  11. Would love to see it BUT only if they introduce a new Mechanic, I'm already annoyed at Sister's being just Lich reskins. the lore is already messed up enough with the Kuva Fortress and Requiem Mods tying into Sisters... an Infested Kingpin system had better introduce something separate.
  12. but this is Warframe, there's no need to rapidly spread butter onto toast with a giant double butter knife. for that matter I don't think Tenno even eat.
  13. Its a Free Market there is No Final Word on what the Price is. Not even Warframe Market -quit acting like this is some kind of Union, because it isn't. So buy and sell whatever at number you want, it either moves or it doesn't.
  14. While you're at it smooth off all doorframes and the protruding lip around grineer vent/tubes replace them all with funnels
  15. So given that Sisters utilize Requiem Mods -a decision I don't totally agree with, was hoping they have some different mechanic than just being Lich reskins. Can we get some Corpus Themed Requiem Fissures to farm those parazon mods? Ya know, someplace that's Not the Kuva Fortress? I was working on a Sister and needed to go farm a specific Requiem, and it struck me as how odd that I was going to the Kuva Fortress to do this, and not some Corpus facility.
  16. Pretty sure that's just another broken promise Necramechs are old abandoned content, DE can only afford to dedicate time to the latest update, and that's the New War....
  17. Spoilers for Chains of Harrow quest, don't read if you haven't done it.
  18. Sounds OP install Natural Talent to let you spam them faster helminth infuse Dispensary for energy then install a Macro Script to constantly recast both if Clone 'doing all the work' (afk) was your complaint; this idea will only make it more powerful. -a constantly regenerating Clone army, instead of just the 1.
  19. People *@##$ that: Clone makes him AFK, Defy makes him invulnerable, Cloud Walk makes him too fast and OP healing. Well considering that two of those abilities need Manual Activation, by definition he Can't be AFK if he's taking advantage of them. The haters are inventing Impossible Scenarios. -if you're really AFK you're gonna die, and if you're being Invulnerable you're Not AFK. As a Wukong player, I am extremely Active. Clone lets me Elemental Prime enemies for Condition Overload Cloud Walk lets me cover ground Fast -obviously a speedrunner is Active Defy lets me get up and close and Aggressive without dying. my Wukong playstyle is to be fast and reckless. -anything but afk- Typically the mission stats show: most damage dealt, most kills, AND most damage taken. -I get in there and get my hands dirty
  20. Come across a Tanky enemy, like an Acolyte. not a mob that just falls down instantly Guns: he absorbs your bullets, your Arcane/Galvanized stacks bleed away since you not "On-Kill", making you progressively Weaker in an unwinnable spiral. Melee: just keep swinging, and your Combo Counter keeps stacking up up up!, increasing your damage exponentially. Down he goes. melee has it way easier for the tough spots. People are saying the Divide Rebalance made Guns OP; but that's only when you're clearing mobs en mass with a Bramma AoE. -mobs were gonna be easy kills anyway. Guns are still falling behind in the places that Actually Matter for Difficulty.
  21. the 'cooldown' time where you can't re-summon them from the gear wheel; is Regenerating ammo. They show up with full ammo even if you emptied them earlier and didn't pick anything up.
  22. my problem with the Arsenal Divide changes is that all the gun buffs rely on "On Kill". means a gun that was weak to begin with, has a hard time getting kills, thus doesn't get the buff and stays weak vs a gun that was already strong, gets easy kills fast, and just gets buffed even farther ahead Just unbalances stuff further. Bigger spread between strong and weak weapons instead of bringing weak weapons up.
  23. OK: archguns no longer have a summon cooldown and can now be equipped/unequipped at will just like any other weapon however just like any other weapon, they no longer have regenerating ammo and you must pick up Heavy Ammo so while you can now equip them at will, the magazine will be empty when you do so. unless you had stockpiled ammo ya know what? all that sounds bad just leave them as they are. Regenerating ammo is a nice bonus, and it makes sense to have the regen be on a timer. because its just a bonus. if you don't want to wait for it all you have to do is pick up some heavy ammo drops; defaulting to the same ammo paradigm of other weapons.
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