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  1. What about login error. check you info bug?
  2. fix all the mining issues and bring back old mining method. new method isn't helping.
  3. gara abilities are broken, ciphers are not working in POE, archwing and k drive is also bugged sometimes and often give invalid lauch points. eidolon hunting is bugged sometimes too ( lures charged and close but still the eidolon dies). zoom in and out while mining is bit too far or close(previous distance was best also i'd like the whole old mining back) tho these are now more visible and also the mining point light (trigger) distance is a bit too short. more bugs to be discovered and fixed...
  4. lith fissures often dont drop enough reactents. 5 waves of def or 5mins of sur or 100% interception doesn't give 10 reaccs. i've been facing this since chroma release and its not just me its the whole crew.
  5. what about Update failed!The content servers are temporarily unavailable. Issue? It's been 3 days and i still cant login.
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