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  1. Wait, so did the Amphis get tweaked at all? Or is it included in the bundle "just cause"?
  2. And you'd be exactly right. DE tends to miss quite a few things in their updates.
  3. Frost Prime was the second Prime frame, after Excalibur. For those early frames there was very little difference between their two variants apart from the base colours and helmet.
  4. In that case I have no guess. I've never noticed/seen them myself.
  5. Could it be some sort of Ephemera effect?
  6. I'm guessing the fourth resource is the Gravimag research in the Tenno lab. Edit: nvm, that's probably considered an "upgrade", I think ReaverKane is right with his Synthula guess.
  7. While crossplay between PC and Consoles is understandably lacking with all the hotfixes and patches PC receives, I hope 2 or all 3 consoles will get crossplay someday.
  8. Please, remove the dropdown and put back the old window.
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