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  1. 12 minutes ago, Voltage said:

    Thanks for the hotfix.

    Please consider overhauling the UI for mission results. This was discussed in January, and it seems the heavy feedback asking for "function over fashion" was not considered. This UI really is a downgrade even if it is visually updated...

    Why though? Once you expand the reward screen you can see a lot more. 

  2. Verifying download cache fixed it for me.

    I initiated it when it gave me the error screen with "retrying soon". At that point I'd restarted the launcher once and let it automatically retry once as well.

    This was with the Railjack Revisited update earlier today, not with the latest hotfix. 


     Doesn't seem to work for everyone though.  

    20 minutes ago, Reetula said:

    verifying the cache did not work for me and my friend



  3. I've tried starting the mission three times from my railjack, with restarting the game once, and I keep sitting in the loading screen for 5 minutes+, wasting all the time I have available. People keeping leaving my railjack, probably because it's taking too long for them, then others load in and I fear that only exacerbates the time it takes.

    I'd go private if I could, but I can't take the time to recruit a squad in recruiting because by the time they've all joined another 5 minutes will have already passed. Not that that'd be too long if I knew beforehand, but by the time I thought of this the timer had almost run out. 

    This wouldn't be so frustrating, weren't it for the long wait and limited availability of the mission, to get stuck in a perpetual loading screen.


    Edit: In solo I can join a mission within 30 seconds.. Didn't try this on the anomaly mission, for it had already passed.

  4. 5 hours ago, pduozt said:

    This is a frequent problem that also affects Healing Return, Condition Overload, and Mecha. Any status mechanic requires that the enemy survive the first hit. 

    Healing return: Restores 11 health per status type affecting the target.
    Condition Overload: Does more damage per status type affecting the target.
    Growing Power: Applying status effects with weapons increase ability strength by 25% for 6s. 

    Where the difference with Condition Overload lies, is that the aura activates when a status effect is applied. It doesn't actually rely on enemies being affected.

    It didn't use to require the enemy surviving the first hit. Now that status effects don't appear when you one shot an enemy, it barely activates, if at all, in the lower levels. I'm not sure if this was an intended change, I didn't see any of the sort mentioned in the patch notes, hence I made the post.

    Also I just noticed that the description of Condition Overload is missing an S after "increase".

  5. On 2019-09-12 at 8:43 PM, diaversai said:

    Positive: Arbiter Drones will now have a small chance to drop Vitus Essence on kill.  Negative: When these Arbitration reward changes go live, the price of goods in the Arbiters’ reward manifest will increase by about 50%.

    It's double the Essence (from shorter rotations) plus drops from Drones. I don't think a small increase in store prices is too unfair. They'll become cheaper overall.

  6. 3 hours ago, (PS4)Hikuro-93 said:

    Aye. A piece of art. To the point that when I helped my gf a month ago, with her account, I looked at her Frost Prime and asked her why she'd choose frost's regular skin over Frost Prime's skin.

    I'm so used to Harka, and the regular vs prime skins are so alike, that I really assumed Harka was the prime skin lmao. One of the best skins in-game imo.

    Frost Prime was the second Prime frame, after Excalibur. For those early frames there was very little difference between their two variants apart from the base colours and helmet.

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  7. 1 hour ago, (PS4)Gurthygridlock said:

    ive just started so i thought id just buy one to see how it goes so i went and bought nezha, got it to level 30 and then straight after sold it, i was meant to sell mag as i heard mag was quite bad

    Mag gets a lot of hate because she got "nerfed" at some point. She may not be quite the Corpus killer she used to be, but she's still pretty decent. Do give her a spin before selling her off.

  8. 4 minutes ago, Oreades said:

    The Void? 

    According to game lore they literally can't go there, the void radiation is one of the few things that they can't adapt to and is poison to them. Traveling back to the Orogin system from Tau the Sentients used the Void to make a swift attack on the Orokin and those that survived the journey did so at the loss of their ability to reproduce. Which is part of the reason that Natah essentially adopted the Tenno instead of destroying them as was her order. 

    There is a lot of space junk and whatever Sentients survived are probably hiding amongst it or at the edges of the system past Pluto. The bulk of their force exists in Tau. 

    "The New War" trailer most likely takes place past Pluto. I believe there are some references about the Sentients hiding out there, but I wouldn't know the source.

  9. 8 minutes ago, Kanji92 said:

    and 1 more thing how will migration work? i guess it will be a ingame type of migration when you launch warframe it will ask you if you already have a pc account right?

    No, you just create a Switch account for now. Once the game launches or a short while after that you'll be able to migrate/clone your PC account to your Switch account, overwriting any progress you may have made on the Switch.

  10. On 2018-11-17 at 3:41 PM, SimMicKie said:

    Yes but i cant log in becuase of the negative platinum amount. thats the only reason i bought those 2 dlcs just to get out of the negative plat.

    Then you may or may not be goofed. I suggest sending a ticket to support

  11. Any ability activated while the buff, any buff, is active will stay buffed until it runs out. So if you get a void boost in a relic mission and you cast, for example, World on Fire, the ability will stay powered up so long as you don't toggle it off or fall into a pit.

  12. Have you set your Region in gameplay options?

    If you enable Show FPS in interface options it'll also show you your ping when connected to a host. 100 ping or lower works just fine for the game, 200+ starts to get crappy.

    With DE's size I don't see them doing gameplay servers akin to Destiny any time soon. Just look at how barebones the ones in relays are, you can't see others jump, bullet-jump or crouch. Which is fine enough for a hub area. But I wouldn't want my game hosted on those. For cost-saving measures P2P works well enough, but there will be the occasional bad connection.

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