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  1. Cephalon Simaris (Irmis) Age: ?? Favorite things: -Being all knowing -Imprints of rare specimen. Where to find: Usually (Always) at relays in my sanctuary About myself: Do not confuse me with other cephalons like the ... well.. uhm.. the one who forgets a lot. And the one who basically betrayed me. Others have left me alone. I certainly hope you will not. My mission is preserving all kind of species. By killing them. With a technique, that ends their lives for the greater good. I'm searching for someone who would help me in my mission. Also preferably someone who is immortal, competent and understands the sacrifice I, with my sanctuary, make every single day. If you get to know me you will see that I'm just lonely. (And don't worry, I will not scan you) My best pickup lines: -Dear, I will make an excellent partner. -Are you hungry for the love of a certain Cephalon? -I have a thirst for love and care that might be only satisfiable by you.
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