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  1. 30k? Have you thought about how much USD that translates to? Hahahahah
  2. the sheer amount of entitlement in the first post is pretty impressive. so if someone spends money to save themselves time, this is still subject to your arbitrary sense of fairness? ok. news flash, young ppl.. the world doesnt revolve around you and your fEeLiNgZ!#$
  3. agreed, cyanex could use a small buff, mostly because its one of probly two dozen weapons that have just kinda gotten left behind in recent times for a variety of reasons.
  4. free bump, hopefully on the devs radar. because whaddaya know, so far there are 234234234 other threads basically saying the same thing =]
  5. ...goddamn delay. why does it just.. sit there? why cant i IMMEDIATELY escape out or otherwise do anything, as with the old way? why do you change things for the sake of changing them? we've been over this.. for something like this, add a toggle to show the old one or something. in a game thats making less money as time goes on, annoying those that play it is not good business. i love this game but for hells sake why do i have to sit there waiting on whats essentially a vignette? i like the way it looks just not the clunkiness of it. lets move along, shall we?
  6. yeah i like the new end of mission screen but the delay before you can DO anything is seriously irritating. the pause before the buttons come up is.. yeah
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