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  1. I just spend my week end farming for a nukor kuva. After more than 240 larving in a row, i got all weapons several times, 3 to 12 times each exept for the nukor. I'm not pleased.
  2. Bonjour, Je ne m'attarderai pas sur les points positifs mais seulement sur l'un des principaux problèmes actuellement rencontrés : - L'ordre d'équipement des mots sur le Parazon est l'un des aspect les moins amusants, car il mène souvent à un échec inévitable, une perte générale de temps de jeu et une évidente frustration. Il est actuellement impossible de garantir à 100% l’exécution d'une liche en la conservant au niveau 1, peu importe la méthode de jeu. Cet aspect aléatoire n'apporte rien de bon.
  3. There is absolutely no good reason to build MK1 or MK2 as soon as your reasearchs ended. This system lead most of my clan to wait before even trying railjack in their own ship to prevent material waste. This is very bad, MK1 or 2 are useless and i think making it available now was a mistake. As for the archwing : most of my usual teamate don't want to play with it in railjack because of the lack of fun being one shoot in space. Just try to make a MK1 as a real player : it's impossible to gather enough material without being bored enough to ALT+F4... And you need 2 primary weapons...
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