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  1. Okay, the wiki was wrong, got 12 Amarast from red ores not blue ones, made the correction though
  2. I didn't get any of this
  3. I got no resource booster mods, never got one, just got a smeeta kavat a few days ago. So, trying to get amarast without any of that is almost impossible
  4. Yep, I've been getting other gems but not amarast
  5. Bonus resource thing? Mind to be more specific?
  6. I have been mining for over 2 hours, no amarast to be seen, full stacked with other stuff. Is there something wrong or I'm missing some weird step?
  7. I was playing the Operation Endurance mode, didn't reach the extraction point in time, got the host migration message after that. Instead of putting me back into the mission it got me back to my orbiter and displayed the results of the previous mission instead of the current one, then I checked the personal best and it said 0 (was my first time playing), and I didn't got any of the stuff I got into that mission neither the affinity
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