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  1. I know the thread devolved into more Destiny2 v Warframe, but this caught my attention. This is hilarious. I now have a reason to convert at least some Liches now. The off chance that it might spawn in and turn on me and my team is too damn funny to pass up. Assuming I have their weapon for mastery already. Friggen RNG. Something to amuse when this finally hits console.
  2. I wish "Seasonal" cosmetics like this could be available year-round once we've gotten them. I know some are, but the majority aren't. It's one of the few things other games have that Warframe doesn't; we can wear pumpkin hats and whatnot year round.
  3. Those Medallions need a new name. The current one is misleading. The "Universal" Medallions not working for Conclave is a pretty big disappointment. Every other syndicate has a reliable method to build up rep except Conclave. Wearing a sigil, turning in rocks/fish/goobers, going and getting scans, K Drive tricks, etc. It's near-impossible to find a match for any Conclave game type in the first place, harder to finish one without the entire losing team leaving, and even if you finish one or win by default the standing gains are pitiful. If you guys are going to disallow a very slow and inefficient method of progression in Medallions, at least put a method in to progress in Conclave at all. I really don't think that's too much to ask. Or you could make the Conclave weapon skins accessible by some other means. 99% of Conclave complains would evaporate if that ended up happening. The rest of the update looks good, I'm looking forward to getting Gauss and his weapons.
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