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  1. So it's been five days. No news on when the hotfix lands, no news on what's really in it. I get that DE doesn't really work the weekends, and that's ok. But posting us on a hotfix and then taking (what will definitely be) nearly or over a week to deliver on zero information is pretty poor. Giving us console folks the major updates inline with PC, but then taking weeks to issue us basic fixes on that content is probably worse than just making us wait to get fixed content all in one go. Or at least, this test with Deimos certainly suggests that. Not sure how this is gonna shake out. J
  2. Just actually logged in and looked. I had moved the - polarity away from the 9th mod slot to try to keep it from being removed, and it's gone anyway. So this hotfix has actually done more harm than good, to content that ranges from awful to lackluster. Deimos makes me feel like DE wants me to go play something else.
  3. Neither of the items in this hotfix were urgent or very important. It probably would have been better to ship this later with more fixes, particularly ones that have an impact on gameplay and acquisition.
  4. I started a few months after the Plains came out. I grinded everything they have to offer, even though it took a while. I was pretty far along when Fortuna came out, and I actually enjoyed playing Fortuna when it was new and seeing it improve over time. I enjoyed archguns as heavy weapons, Profit Taker, Exploiter. Fortuna was never so busted that I wasn't having fun at least. Deimos just sucks. It looks great. It has great ideas. These ideas are mired in grind that puts Railjack's release on a pedestal. And I mean that. RJ was obnoxious quantities of resources that were common. You could
  5. Well then. Hopefully with this fix I'll see more than one Scintellant drop every 3-4 days. Other issues I'm looking at are Necrathene rarity and enemy spawns in Deimos Bounty tasks that require kills. The enemies are plentiful otherwise, but scarce when I need to bait an Alpha creature or deal with Latrox and his samples. I groan any time I hear Latrox at this point because his bounty task is just a waste of time. Spawns and sample drops definitely need a look.
  6. That is frustrating if true. Barely been able to touch the update due to work and now the weekend is gonna get spent not getting these damned things. The time I have spent with it was largely wasted looking for friggen birds. The least they could do is put up an alert with a few as a reward. I'm not about asking for free stuff, but these things are clearly not intended to be remotely this rare. They're basically unattainable.
  7. Here's hoping Necramech components can be farmed in a reasonable amount of time after yesterday's hotfix. I see that they're not supposed to fall through the terrain now, but low drop rates may still make it impractical to farm. Especially against how trivial it was before.
  8. So, if the Mecha we transfer into won't drop rewards, how are we supposed to get the salvage needed to build the four component parts? And the spawn rates on kill bounties don't seem to have been addressed. Standing around for four minutes waiting for enemies to spawn so I can progress is not my idea of a good time.
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