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  1. This may be the same thing I was seeing too. My Phaedra was reloading about 15 rounds per second, three at a time, even though the reload earlier today (Ivara launch patch) it was working fine. Maybe something with 'battery' weapons is borked?
  2. Since the Old Blood update (26.0), my game launches in 1080p instead of my normal 2704x1520. The UI settings still say 2704x1520 when I go check, but I have to re-apply that resolution for it to take effect. It only happens on first login, but it's been consistent since that update. It also seems to happen with 4k resolution.
  3. So there are two weird issues. I was in an open public mission and only one other person joined. After a minute or two their lich spawned and the other player disconnected, leaving me alone with their lich in the mission. I was able to "Mercy" their lich and it was updating my murmur/parazon mod progress as though it was my lich. I ended up dying since my second mod was wrong, but the first mod was confirmed correct. Later in the mission, my lich spawned and I did the same thing. It confirmed that the first mod was right and the second was wrong. Not sure why I could interact with someone else's lich, but this isn't the first time this has happened on the most recent patch (26.0.7 I think). Also, lich "griefing" like this shouldn't be possible. If a player disconnects, their lich needs to go away. If I hadn't had the bug to interact with their lich, I wouldn't have been able to get mine to spawn at all.
  4. There's a bug with the current lich trading system that is causing false failures in lich encounters during missions. I traded a lich to a clanmate and was helping them run the thrall and takedown missions. We got the lich to spawn in two different missions, where my clanmate survived, but I managed to die to the boss. However, since the lich still considered me as a "target" he just went invulnerable and disappeared as though he had killed my clanmate instead. We had to resort to him running the last missions solo just to make sure I didn't end up screwing it up accidentally.
  5. This happened to me on an excavation run just now too. All three of us were UI blind and had to stumble through a dozen or so extractors to get the cryotic to extract. It's unplayable.
  6. I have the same issue, though I'm running 2704 x 1520 instead of 4k. Same fix also, the toggle in the display settings fixes it each time, but it still happens every time I launch the game (and still an issue as of 26.0.3).
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