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  1. we can get 2 to finish if we go to vault of number 1 but once we start 3 it breaks every time
  2. cant confirm on crescent but happens to both my sly and my panzer
  3. same, ive seen some speculate you must be rank 3 like the other syndicates but that cant be as i am rank 3
  4. am of the sad was really hyped and was really enjoying the grind of getting all the base frames a second time. was enjoying that id finally have something for me to tell the new players i help through the early game a nice goal for later game not even late game, and all the hype vanished cause while 2 of the abilities i was looking forward to are being nerfed. non of the bad ones are being meaningfully buffed. plus i was enjoying the comment of it being mr 15 and not being reduced, and there it goes down to mr 8 just like practically everything else. yet again i still have no comeback to my fr
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