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  1. It took me two and a half years to farm Vauban via the old Alert system. Vauban Prime was easier to farm than the OG version. That was not a good thing.
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    Ironically Founder's gear didn't actually have boosted stats when people like myself bought them. Excalibur Prime, and by extension all the Primes released around the same time, were purely cosmetic in their differences from the mainline frames. Primes were originally meant to be prestige items, proof that you braved the perils of the Towers and low drop chances and thus served as your bragging rights but were otherwise identical to their OG counterparts. I remember thinking to myself back in 2013 that I'd enjoyed my time with the beta, and thought 70USD was equal to the amount of enjoyment I'd gotten and figured I would get from the game in the 12-18 months I thought the game would live. Obviously I was wrong on that last bit, but I knew going in that all I was paying for was a skin.
  3. The only things DE doesn't keep backups of are your personal settings like graphics options and key binds, and your favorite colors. Everything else, from loadouts to orbiter decorations, is backed up on DE's servers and will sync with your game client as soon as you log in.
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