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  1. You need to be using a skin other than the stock skin to get the option to disable the accents.
  2. I've been having this issue for weeks now.
  3. Both Lotus and Umbra are products of Ballas's plans. Umbra found out Ballas was going to leak the secret of the Tenno to Hunhow, and was Infested. Hunhow received the information, gave birth to Natah, who was later forcibly reprogrammed in to becoming the Lotus after the fall of the Empire. You can make a pretty convincing argument that the collapse of the Orokin is Ballas getting back at the Empire that made him sentence the love of his life to death.
  4. It took me two and a half years to farm Vauban via the old Alert system. Vauban Prime was easier to farm than the OG version. That was not a good thing.
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