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  1. I almost fainted at the Volt one.
  2. Oh god, what?
  3. Prepare your overalls, people - It's time to farm.
  4. I can only await the slew of insults against DE that will resound all over the forums once Archwing comes out.
  5. Very, very good update, Stoi! Keep it up!
  6. Did I win, yet?
  7. Thank you Based DE.
  8. Compiling Java... "welp, I'mma go get some lunch."
  9. Very nice.
  10. TANKS.
  11. Will there be a bounty system integrated into the game? Perhaps I've missed discussion on it, but will players have bounties marked on them? If so, is there some sort of rough idea on how this system would be implemented? Will we see a bunch of Ezio-Tenno running around, stealth killing random targets in PvP? That would be awesome.
  12. Thanks for the rerelease. For any of those who feels the need to complain... hush, you got your Brakks; maybe not everyone had the time to do the event, possibly due to many reasons. Stop acting like self-entitled children.
  13. “We have no idea…” That seemed to be the answer that all of them had to that single question; the one that ate away at them whenever they were ordered to take out another ship of degenerates. Tenno were mysterious; they had to be to preserve their culture. Children were taught three things from a young age train fiercely, hone your silence, and respect your ancestry. “Who are we?” With the discovery of the Void, which held the technology of old, and the reemergence of the Conclave tradition, some began to question themselves. This concern only manifested itself as a passing curiosity, quickly forgotten in the heat of battle. For the more inquisitive, this was a question that was in pressing need of an answer. “My future can wait. I need my past.” That was a drive behind her quest. Her goal that would cloud her as she fought through her last mission under the guidance of her Warlord. She was tired of fighting without knowing what she was; it all seemed empty now. The Corpus computer systems had many entries on the Infestation. She’d had many run-ins with them, but refused to do so willingly. They also affected her strangely, giving her slight headaches just by being in their general vicinity. But, there was a little too much information to disregard it. She needed to find the Infested at the source. “The Tenno are monsters, who leech from their own kind to bring about change.” That quote, from a portion of the data she'd read, stuck out to her. So, she triangulated the best location possible. A Derelict ship was extremely dangerous, even in a group. It was difficult to navigate, as the bulky infested ancients blocked her way. She picked up a mod that had dropped from the hide of a fallen enemy. It was an ability for the Ember Warframe that must've gotten overwhelmed by the Disruptor Jaye gunned down. “The Tenno are monsters, who leech from their own kind to bring about change.” Those words came surging back to her. Turning her head, she eyed a group of Infested coming toward her. “Are you all…” they were her flesh. Her people… transformed into these monstrosities. It wasn’t due to a viral outbreak. It was tradition. “Please, stop! Evolution does not come this way!!” it was futile. They wouldn’t listen; they were single-minded. They wanted nothing more than ascend back to the forms they had been born with. “Please, stop thi-” Her screams were silenced by a disruption of her systems. One by one, she was swarmed. Jaye was no more. From her sacrifice, another Tenno, naked and unconscious, was born from a melted pool of Infested mesh. The assimilation was complete. The blood of our forefathers are harnessed through evolution. You must overcome your trials. Born to you is the gift of life, given to you is the plague. You must fight for your dominance, and earn your right to live among us Warrior Gods. ---------------------------------------- Author: Kashiki Frames Used: Nova Remember, Tenno. The Orokin are not your saviors. They made you. They did not protect you. Strength.
  14. Very impressive! I applaud your skill! This is something I've been looking for.
  15. These Vipers are amazing. They eat ammo like a mo-fo, but they're amazing. DE, you guys rock!