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  1. Well, Titania's not supposed to be the replacement to Archwing, she's supposed to be aerial support for ground-based combat, she's not supposed to be for outer space flight. A good thing to do would be to increase her speed and mobility, but she doesn't necessarily need Archwing 2.0.
  2. Played since Closed Beta, beginning of U6. I'm MR18 cause, for a while, I wanted to level up all weapons. That dream has gone to the can since I really don't feel like doing anything rote; farming is a necessary evil, and I'm at a point where there really isn't anything I can't get. I'd rather accrue more credits. That's always fun, even if it sooner or later becomes meaningless.
  3. Rhino Passive Change Idea

    It's not called "soft" impact. But, I do think that this Rhino passive idea is cool. Though, I think it should scale a bit with damage in my opinion. Cause, as it stands, every 100 bullets is a bit weird since he'd only be useful against a few things - those being mostly Heavy Gunners, maybe a group of Lancers, and a gun turret. Unless, of course, the passive doesn't refresh or anything, and it's just every one hundred bullets he takes throughout the whole of the fight gives him more armor, which would only really shine in Endless modes (the current WF endgame). I think damage is better as a measurement since it would scale better, kinda like how his Iron Skin scales extremely well. Every X amount of damage grants +10 Armor added to your base, giving you X+BaseArmor. If it decays when not under fire, that'd be cool too, since it would mean that you're not actively tanking anything.
  4. Rhino Passive Change Idea

    It's not that hard, dude. Just start building it yourself. Dude's build is strong, but it isn't novel.
  5. Hotfix 14.10.1

    Oh god, what?
  6. Update 14.8.0: Nyx Prime

    Prepare your overalls, people - It's time to farm.
  7. Devstream 36 Overview

    I can only await the slew of insults against DE that will resound all over the forums once Archwing comes out.
  8. Warframe Builder

    Very, very good update, Stoi! Keep it up!
  9. Last Post Wins

    Did I win, yet?
  10. Update 14.1.0: Quanta & Dendra

    Thank you Based DE.
  11. Update 14 Features Primer

    Compiling Java... "welp, I'mma go get some lunch."
  12. Hotfix 13.7.2

    Very nice.
  13. Hotfix 13.3.1

  14. Coming Soon: Devstream #26

    Will there be a bounty system integrated into the game? Perhaps I've missed discussion on it, but will players have bounties marked on them? If so, is there some sort of rough idea on how this system would be implemented? Will we see a bunch of Ezio-Tenno running around, stealth killing random targets in PvP? That would be awesome.
  15. Update 12.3.0: The Grustrag Three

    Thanks for the rerelease. For any of those who feels the need to complain... hush, you got your Brakks; maybe not everyone had the time to do the event, possibly due to many reasons. Stop acting like self-entitled children.