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  1. I admit, this is problem. I was thinking about this yesterday. It's just unfair that you can get flanked by four fully sapient frames, while there's only one or two of you in a squad. Kinda makes things a bit... difficult.
  2. I'm unskilled? Because I'm the one complaining about dying against melee weapons, right? Just because you can't hit the broad side of a barn with your long-range weapons or counter people with melee weapons, it doesn't mean that anyone else is unskilled. That speaks volumes about you, my friend. But, nice insult - would work better if your arguments had any validity to them and if it was actually scathing. EDIT: You know what, I'm going to simply apologize and walk away from this before it escalates any further. Although your comment is unneeded, hence why I'm not editing my comment, I
  3. Very good points. However, nerfing melee (which wasn't viable beforehand) isn't the way to go. In any realistic combat situation, if you get hit by a melee weapon, there's very little you can do. Staying at long range and shooting works. As for spawn camping in Conclave; that's not even possible. You can't move before the match - the only spawn camping possible is with a long range gun. Even then, that's precision firing. Counter-sniper tactics are usually required, since most people will use that strategy at the beginning. Don't rush toward the middle all the time; stay off of the gro
  4. That's an isolated issue, but this needs to be addressed with some severe consequences. I say that if the host is a part of the alliance node, a percent is taken away if they leave and their battle pay is lowered. Then, the leadership in the Alliance are given notes as to who left, and can deal with that accordingly. Well, I had an entire thing on this in another thread. I'll dig it up soon.
  5. Rapid fire melee weapons are powerful and give you an advantage. Conclave is made to be tough, fast and strong. Just because people use a strategy that works doesn't mean that it needs to be nerfed. Plenty of others can deal with rapid-fire weapons by using a very well-known strategy: avoid getting hit. You see someone melee'ing at you? Shoot first. If you die, they were quicker and deserve the kill. Slide attack? It takes timing to get it. Knockdown? Just another mechanic. People call it a crutch to help a fight, but in the same breath you will use Loki with Invisibility or Rhino's Iron S
  6. Suggestions are always welcome; however, people shouldn't get so pissy just because they think they're right. The majority of complainers on this forum think that they understand Warframe's vision better than the developers of the game.
  7. Intended. Now, if it's true that weapons do not use forma and aura mod space... please change this. Make these usable, but turn off the aura effects. People worked hard to get their mods and forma on, so they deserve to use it. Otherwise, just work on making the knockdown effect abilities less "knockdown-y". Oh, and Loki's invisibility requires a bit of a nerf. Take away that melee bonus damage and we'll be fine.
  8. So, no, TennoLive did not include the fixes for PvP (at least from what I saw). However, you have to be blind and under a rock to not see the differences of the weapons now that ammo has been fixed. In conjunction to this, you are missing a very, very big thing here: the process of balancing something as large-scale as PvP is long. Seriously, put yourself in DE's shoes for a minute. Here's what they have to do: - Listen to people's ideas on the Dark Sectors - Filter out things not conducive to the vision that DE has for Warframe. - Put those ideas on paper and pitch it to the teams.
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